Neon transformers for sale - 7500V 30mA Neon Sign Transformer Arc

24th of March 2009 19

7500V 30mA Neon Sign Transformer Arc

I bring the output wires from my 7500V 30ma neon sign transformer close together (about 1cm to 1/2 inch) and and a yellow arc forms. It is then drawn out to between an inch and 1.5 inches. Yellow is hotter and more powerful than the purple arc from a Tesla coil. I was very careful to make sure that nothing got in the arc because it would burn stuff if it got the chance. I also was careful to keep from getting myself in contact with the arc (that would hurt!!!!!). Unlike a Tesla coil which uses high frequencies, a neon sign transformer uses 60hz (very low frequency). The threshold of pain (depending on what you read) is 5ma to 10ma. The current it takes to kill you (depending on what you read) is 50ma to 100ma. 30ma is in the middle but I avoid shocks to be safe anyway, because the same chart that said it takes 100ma to kill also said that it could be lethal at 10ma. Which is it? Does it mean instantly at 100ma but several seconds (enough time to get away) at 10ma? 60hz is also bad because your body is more sensitive at lower frequencies. In fact, I once heard that a person’s heart is especially sensitive to 60hz! Although to get the electricity to go through the heart specifically it would probably require intentional specific placement of the wires. The point is I’m careful because I know the dangers.

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  1. zker666 7:11 pm 27/03 of 2009

    im ordering my 7,500v 30mA soon!

  2. MacsCanfly 12:49 pm 28/03 of 2009

    i licked a 9 volt battery and it hurt imagine a transformer

  3. lara336 2:13 am 31/03 of 2009

    that wouldn’t kill you, but it would be extremely painful.

  4. willbill808 10:14 am 1/04 of 2009

    Don’t lick those wires…

  5. PhxSt0rmz 3:04 am 2/04 of 2009

    The wire doesn’t need to be hot technically. This is 30ma, Even a 34awg magnet wire can handle that. It’s just the arcing end that is H O T. But it never hurts anyways :)

  6. BenHutchinson1 9:11 am 4/04 of 2009

    The wire wasn’t feeling hot, it wasn’t about to melt the insulation, or it would have been so hot it would have burned me. I felt a MILD tingle at worst just from the strong electric field in the region around the wire. Although that was a bit surprising because’s I’ve handled the wires on another transformer that was hooked to a running neon sign, and felt not the slightest tingle on the wire.

  7. PhxSt0rmz 7:17 pm 4/04 of 2009

    Not really. My I use to hold my flyback wire and you dont feel a thing because its MADE for it. I know someone who had a wire with 1cm insulation for over 100KV and the NST still after a few months, finally broke through the wire and zapped him hard. >_> It never hurts to use a stick. All that shows is your not risking extreme electrocution. Should always be prepared for the worst that can happen :)

  8. BenHutchinson1 9:19 am 5/04 of 2009

    At a yard sale.

  9. sgh77 2:55 pm 7/04 of 2009

    do you know how to make one dc output on the transformer? do you need one diode or two?

  10. BenHutchinson1 10:01 pm 9/04 of 2009

    As the insulation is DESIGNED for the voltage that is being used (this is professionally made after all), I have no fear of holing the insulated part. Howevee I was able to feal a minor tingling when holding it. But I was not alarmed by this, because the fact it felt mild meant that the actual current through was VERY low. And I would expect to feel SOMETHING, consdering the voltage on those wires. And without a load (neon light), the voltage might even be higher than the rated voltage.

  11. jerzmacow 3:24 am 12/04 of 2009

    be carefull holding that..well not so much 7KV but i have a 15Kv transformer and ever with a lot of insulataion your hand can get tingly (even from moving it with a screw drvier that has a had plastic hanlde).

  12. smkymcnugget420 4:58 am 12/04 of 2009

    very nice man!! what do you plan on doing with it

    can someone check out my newest vid and help me with a problem i’m having with my transformer arcs

  13. amfan12 7:22 am 14/04 of 2009

    A transformer will not work off DC, well constant DC, but pulsed DC they will

  14. kanyenke12 3:49 pm 15/04 of 2009

    thats all burn something and buy a transformer from me cheap no joke 1/2 the price

  15. ChicoButtram 1:42 am 19/04 of 2009

    Verrrry cool. Just curious…can neon sign transformers produce a visible arc when running off of DC?

  16. darkjaker1 7:44 pm 19/04 of 2009

    dude awesome!

  17. nickthreapleton 8:15 pm 21/04 of 2009

    that looks sweet

  18. barraki007 3:04 pm 23/04 of 2009

    1044 views and the second comment!

  19. newtonianbarf 2:17 pm 24/04 of 2009

    C’mon, almost one thousand views and no comments!


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