Advanced Driver Assistance System using Detection, Recognition and Tracking of Road Traffic Signs.

7th of May 2010 1

Advanced Driver Assistance System using Detection, Recognition and Tracking of Road Traffic Signs.

This video corresponds to final the results of my research on real time Road Sign Recognition. It was shown on my PhD dissertation 6th July 2009 in the Intelligent Systems Lab. of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. The system is a speed supervisor which broadcasts an audio warning message when the speed of the vehicle is over the limit given by the recognized road sign. When the road sign does not show a speed limit, an individual threshold is used. For example, for yield signs, the speed limit is of 30km/h. The system can recognize in real time, red and blue road signs both in highways and urban environments under any kind of illumination (not nocturnal). The accuracy of the system is about 0.9. The system is composed of: – A camera recording the road scene. – A computer to run the algorithms for detection, recognition and tracking of the road signs. – A small screen for the developer which shows the road and the recognitions. – A PDA which shows the results on recognition and broadcasts the warning messages. – A GPS inertial sensor to develope the tracking. The video shows several results: In the first part the typical problems are shown: false positives and false recognitions, mainly in urban environment which is more problematic than highway environment. The second part shows mainly its performance on highways which is almost perfect. It is very important to check out that: – The system recognizes red and blue road signs. – It works on urban and non-urban

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  1. mary81yram 8:31 pm 7/05 of 2010

    quien será este tío que se inventa estos aparatejos…..
    pero….digo yo, esto está bien para minusválidos o gente mayor al volante….es decir, con que propósito está hecho?? vamos a darle la utilidad social que se merece no?? jejejej


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