Advice on equipment needed to produce vinyl signs?

23rd of April 2010 1

Advice on equipment needed to produce vinyl signs?

A company I work with has decided that it would like to invest in a cutter/plotter and other equipment needed to produce vinyl signage (4×4 like large real estate signs).

Can anyone advise me on what all they will need to purchase? What are the best brands and software? Any tricks of the trade I should know about?

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  1. Gaila’s Random Thoughts 7:25 am 23/04 of 2010

    We have a cutter that works off of a vector based system. I’m not directly in charge of it but can get a little more info for you if no one else is forth coming. (email me from 360 if you wish)

    We were disappointed that ours didn’t work with Autocad (we were told it was vector based and thought it would). We have to use its chintzy program or Corel. I’d be sure to ask about what software it is compatible with and also what media types are available (are they all heat based or sticky-back)


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