Metal neon signs portland or - Animated Neon Signs: Portland

29th of July 2009 9

Animated Neon Signs: Portland

Three nights of neon videography, selecting some of the coolest signage in the Rose City.

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9 great comment(s) for this post

  1. 8laneblacktop 10:22 am 31/07 of 2009

    This is really cool – neon and flashing signs are becoming rarer and rarer.

    Thanks for posting it.

    Awesome soundtrack too.

  2. romeytheb 12:49 pm 2/08 of 2009

    This was an awesome, awesome video. I am glad you got the Palms and the Alibi in there. I love every one of these signs and soon many will be gone.
    Thanks for doing this.

  3. MindsiMedia 9:55 pm 4/08 of 2009

    First rate job thanks for posting. I have added this to my neon signs playlist.

  4. hatless089 3:38 am 8/08 of 2009

    To answer a recent query, the song is “Take Five” By Dave Brubeck Quartet.

  5. 4manzy 2:41 am 11/08 of 2009

    what is the name of the music? great video. great signs!

  6. koolasvegan 12:10 am 14/08 of 2009

    I love jazz and that is my fave jazz piece of all time and. it goes wonderfully with your video. Love the neon sins so much. I take photos of various neon signs in the day and night around the city I live in. I never thought to take video though. Excellent work!

  7. RosyB9 10:19 am 17/08 of 2009

    Love it! “Take 5” is perfect for the neon images too.

  8. ethicomm 9:07 pm 17/08 of 2009

    This cool old song works PERFECT with neon!

  9. Lissie771 9:54 am 20/08 of 2009

    That was surprisingly entertaining… :0)


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