Battlefield Bad Company Sign Language

13th of January 2010 10

Battlefield Bad Company Sign Language

Yet another funny trailer from Battlefield Bad Company the contains gameplay and funny footage. They are to busy talking about rainbow sprinkles for donuts. LOL

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10 great comment(s) for this post

  1. obiwanfisher537 8:55 am 16/01 of 2010

    Lolololololololololololololol 100000 lolz

  2. OxydronMazak 6:31 am 17/01 of 2010

    hahaahahahha…very nice….

  3. shouavaj12 6:48 pm 19/01 of 2010

    Ok sign langauge 1 o 1.
    This means stay low this means stack up and this means i ima punch ur lights out if u don’t shut up!

    Stack…stack up i’m pretty sure that is one sylable…

    Aw jus shut up……breach…that…door.

    *M249 goes off *
    Funni ass hell trailer.

  4. NerradsAmerica 6:31 pm 21/01 of 2010

    sarge reminds me of robert downey jr in tropic thunder ! lmao

  5. tearawreck 11:24 pm 24/01 of 2010

    “I want you to breach….that…door!”
    *Gun Battle*
    “Should I still be stacking”?

  6. eyeseeyou123 1:44 pm 25/01 of 2010

    OMG priceless the game makes me crack up

  7. smit900 4:26 pm 30/01 of 2010

    This means I’ll punch your lights out. Ha ha, this looks like a hit.

  8. gta4man12 5:16 pm 1/02 of 2010

    soft donuts lol

  9. Livefront244 4:55 am 3/02 of 2010

    Did u loss something sarge? Did u drop something sarge? Shh, this is supposed to be a stealth mission. why?
    lol, i love this trailer

  10. Livefront244 4:43 am 4/02 of 2010

    LOL, this is soo funny. haha.
    5 stars.


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