Advertising Your Business with Yard Signs

28th of May 2010 0

Advertising Your Business with Yard Signs

The first rule of thumb here is that you want those yard signs to look attractive and very professionally done as well.  Those yard signs will have a more complimentary effect on your business by not being an eyesore on your property.  You also like it to be legible so that people can read your message as they are driving by.  After all, you want it to tell your story and drive more foot traffic to your office.

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Always include what is referred to as directional information.  In other words, direction arrows, address, and phone numbers are critical.  Make sure that the text is clearly visible and don’t go with too fancy of a font style.  Additionally, you need to place your signs in strategic locations so that they are noticed by those who find themselves traveling in either direction.  Something else to remember is that if your enterprise is located in a large community or slightly off the beaten path, you might like to use direction arrows or a map that is visible enough to indicate your location.

Benefiting from advertising by using yard signs

An extensive client or customer base is essential to the survival of any business so it\’s the responsibility of the business owner, if it is a small company or a one-man operation, to handle the marketing and advertising.  One of the affordable and effective forms of advertising involves the usage of yard signs.  When incorporated along with your newspaper, radio, and/or television advertising, this proves to be another effective venue for gaining more customers.

The biggest benefit is that not only do your current customers see your advertisements, potential buyers of your services or products do as well.  So this is a very cost-effective way to increase your foot traffic.  Since you want your yard signs to deliver your message, you need them to deliver that message loudly so that you reach more potential customers.  Just remember the #1 rule where using yard signs to advertise your business or organization is concerned, placement is everything!

For instance, if your company is located within your block and away from intersections, you\’ll want to place that yard sign in the biggest market of the property.  However, if you are situated on a wide piece of property, consider placing yard signs at each end of your property and also the one in the centre.  Now, if your business and property is a corner lot, you really need to place a sign facing the main street and the side street as well.  Also, if one side of the property is considerably wider than the other, apply the rule of placing signs on each end of that property.

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