Can Magnetic Marketing Help your Lawncare Company?

19th of October 2009 0

Can Magnetic Marketing Help your Lawncare Company?

If you’re a lawncare specialist, you’re always in the market for new business. Even the most delighted clients still move, change jobs, and disappear for all sorts of reasons. You constantly have to bring on new customers to make up for those who leave – even if you’re the best lawncare business there is. It’s not enough to do a great job — you must determine a means for potential customers to understand that you run a great lawncare service and how to locate you. One of the best ways to gain these essential new customers is to pick up a set of magnetic signs.

Take a second to understand how magnetic signage can get customers calling you, and imagine your lawncare business enjoying the benefits:

1. Your signs create an immediate response. You don’t need to wait for printing and distribution like with other advertising. With a carefully crafted marketing message, you’ll get customers calling instantly. Several of my clients have received calls from people driving right next to them to see if they could schedule a time for a bid.

You can’t get much faster than that! The magnetic signs absolutely get the job done and they will pay you back time and time again.

2. When a neighbor sees your sign, they think you’re worth their trust. Since a neighbor has has hired you, they’ll just assume you’re worth taking a chance on. A number of my clients have get asked to come down the street to give an estimate while they’re working for their neighbor.

3. Magnetic signs are a one shot expense. Once you own your magnetic vehicle signs, they’re yours forever. Unlike most other advertising, there’s no need for monthly payment to keep bringing in new customers. Simply by doing the driving you already do or keeping your truck parked in a good location, you are getting your name out to who are most likely to use your services.

4. The signs are easily removed. Neighborhood associations limit the kind of signage allowed in the neighborhood. Because you can easily take down the magnetic signage – you solve the problem in an instant. Just peel off your magnetic sign from your vehicle, and you’re in.

5. With attractive and eye-catching magnetic signs, your service stands out from the rest and get noticed. The secret to this is spending time working out layout of your truck’s magnetic sign. You need to work with a sign maker who will partner with you to create a powerful marketing message. You are an expert at lawncare, and you need to partner with a magnetic sign maker who is an expert at getting you more business. Request and review a proof before your signs are finished.

6. Your signs are easy-to-maintain and long-lasting. Simply follow the instructions your magnetic sign maker provides. Every two months or so, the magnetic vehicle signs should be taken off, cleaned with warm soapy water, and then air-dried. Quite a few of my clients have had magnetic vehicle signs for years that look as great as they did when they were made.

7. This is a excellent, very-affordable, customer-getting tool. Magnetic signage is so much easier to afford than most other forms of advertising. The cost of a couple of magnetic signs will only run you about $80 – that’s a lot more affordable than yellow pages or newspaper advertising.

Imagine the possibilities: since magnetic vehicle signs are so cost-effective, once you enlist the support of your friends and family , you could have a fleet of cars all around your area advertising your lawncare business and phone number. That would bring in so much business you might need to expand just to keep up with the demand.

Before paying a dime on your magnetic signage, though, you must know that not all magnetic vehicle signs and sign makers are comparable. You need to read the consumer message available on prior to selecting a magnetic sign company. You’ll save a great deal of effort, cash, and agony.

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