Caught in the act: Proposition 8 Yard Signs Stolen (Sacramento)

14th of November 2009 10

Caught in the act: Proposition 8 Yard Signs Stolen (Sacramento)

After our Proposition 8 signs were stolen twice, I decided to install a security camera…I was suprised that the thief struck in broad daylight. The rest of the YESon8 signs on our block were stolen in the next hour. Last week, one of those home had 6 or 7 large 4×4 “for sale” real estate signs planted in his yard.

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  1. Tabakrew 9:38 am 14/11 of 2009

    It’s sad this video is under the category of News and politics. Love is love. no politician should tell who you cant or can marry, neither the worlds imaginary friend god.

  2. arthurkirakosyan7 5:21 pm 17/11 of 2009

    nice to hear you opinion completly different from mine.

  3. idaman12345 9:17 pm 17/11 of 2009

    the bible a book written by man

  4. LocksAndChains 2:06 am 19/11 of 2009

    I idolize this kid.

  5. nekkidandrew 9:37 pm 27/11 of 2009

    See, that’s the problem – you have opinions, but you have no support for them. When I disagree with you, your recourse is to say “well, that’s stupid, but I’m not going to tell you why.” Arguing like that is the go-to of the uneducated.

  6. nekkidandrew 10:47 pm 3/12 of 2009

    Actually, you’re wrong. This is a fact – sorry to burst your bubble. Are you serious, asking why the *** population has been increasing? Nothing’s been increasing, jackass, but the world is becoming marginally more tolerant, and more people are speaking up.

    Seriously, do you have a learning disability or something? Comprehension ain’t your strong suit, kiddo.

  7. nekkidandrew 5:35 am 9/12 of 2009

    You’re a joke, dude. You don’t even know anything about the religion you claim to follow, as evidenced by you trotting out those Bible verses as some sort of weak defense. Your arguments are pale and easily refuted – I’m sorry, you just don’t know your ****. You don’t appear to be smart enough to handle yourself in a real debate.

    Also, I’ve noticed that you keep claiming that the religion is disapproving, only sometimes referencing God. Interesting that you listen more to people than to God.

  8. nekkidandrew 8:09 pm 17/12 of 2009

    Well, we’ve already disproved Leviticus. One cannot use Levitical law as a valid talking point in an argument like this for one simple reason: hypocrisy. Unless you’re prepared to follow every last law in Leviticus, it’d be shameful to pick and choose which ones you feel are worth following. And tread carefully before you answer this, because if you say that *** people are wrong based on Leviticus, you’re also saying that you condone slavery. No two ways about it.

  9. arthurkirakosyan7 9:04 am 19/12 of 2009

    Wow yes, if you read the bible and believe in it then yes. Let me show you some more quotes.
    Lev. 20:13, “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them”

  10. nekkidandrew 1:39 pm 20/12 of 2009

    “They can get it from people around them?” What, is it like the flu now? It’s contagious?


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