Classic Sesame Street film – Neon Sign “R”

24th of February 2010 10

Classic Sesame Street film – Neon Sign “R”

Here is another one. From The Empire Hotel.

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  1. werewolfantipaladin 12:37 am 24/02 of 2010

    :26-:30 oops, pesky traffic light in the way. Clever little segment, teaching us how the letters were lifted to the top of these buildings. Does Sesame Street even bother with these anymore?

  2. 0BusterLuke 1:00 am 24/02 of 2010

    haha! weird seeing those letters again lit up in the first few seconds of that video. I wonder if he was a fan of sesame street and chose the location for that reason

  3. pannoni1 1:57 am 24/02 of 2010

    Broadway between West 62nd & 63rd St, NY, NY. Definately looks to be 1970s.

    Trivia: John Waite (best known for the song “Missing You”) filmed the video for his “If Anybody Had A Heart” on the roof of this hotel in 1986.

  4. emdfan78 2:56 am 24/02 of 2010

    what city is this or a street name?

  5. lebaron1982 3:37 am 24/02 of 2010

    Oh, the Empire Hotel. Should have read the caption. Duh!

  6. lebaron1982 4:24 am 24/02 of 2010

    A classic!! I wonder where this building is and if the sign is still there??

  7. CanadaFamilyMan 4:27 am 24/02 of 2010

    I Rememba this Red R Rising up to the Roof to Raposo music!

  8. culpit 4:39 am 24/02 of 2010

    I always liked how one large bus after another kept passing by and wondered if they’d ever stop.

  9. classicssmfan 5:25 am 24/02 of 2010

    The only episodes I know of that include this film are 2059, 3110, and 3310.

  10. CarCrazy12804 5:29 am 24/02 of 2010

    I love the music with these segments. What episode was this on?


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