Cost Effective Sale Signs For Your Store

22nd of April 2010 0

Cost Effective Sale Signs For Your Store

Using Point of Sale material is an easy and effective way to create some in-store theatre. Take a look around your store and see if you can make any improvements.

Point of Sale material can include:

Posters, Shelf Barkers, Gondola Ends, Dump Bins and Hanging Signs.

Effective and eye catching Sale Signs are proven to make life a lot easier for your consumer as they are clearly directed to your products. Highlighting key times of the year such as Spring, Summer, Mothers Day or Easter can create added interest to your product ranges.

Creating a professional image is key to more Sales but this does not mean that it has to be expensive. Follow these steps to creating Signage that will draw your customers attention.

1. There are a number of free resources available on the web containing free Sale Sign designs for your commercial use. Check one out at

2. These can be printed yourself using a Laserjet or Inkjet Printer or if you are looking for larger Signs such as A1 then check the directory for local Printers.  You’ll be surprised how many are available and how cost affective they can be.

3. Then purchase some Clear Side-Loading Sign Holders to keep them protected from damage or alternatively purchase some Display cases that can be mounted on the wall.

4. Remember to replace your Signs on a regular basis to keep you store looking fresh and interesting to your customers.

Things to avoid:

Don’t print your own Sign designs using just a word document and some text.  This doesn’t look professional and should be avoided. With a little extra care these signs can make much more of an impact.

If posters are ripped, rough edged or Sun damaged, replace them immediately.

Don’t over do it.  Choose a few areas of your store to highlight and focus on directing your customers to them.  If you have too much Signage, your customers will get distracted.

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