Custom Metal Signs Give Your Business A Visual Identity

8th of May 2010 0

Custom Metal Signs Give Your Business A Visual Identity

Use A Metal Business Sign To Distinguish Yourself

We live in a highly competitive age. With the economy drooping like eyelids on New Year’s day, people are scrambling to find employment and do business wherever they can. One industry that is doing well is the advertising industry – people are investing what money they have in getting themselves noticed in this day of uncertainty. A smart way of using your advertising budget is by creating an original, eye grabbing metal sign. Custom metal signs can actually make a brand of your business by giving it visual markers that people will remember. With the right use of graphics, typeface, and colors, you can create an image for your business that will infiltrate people’s memories and make your business the first one they think of when they need your service.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition out there. And since everyone is using their budgets on advertising for the same reasons, a lot of professionals are designing some amazing custom metal signs. But that’s okay! Your sign’s goal is to get people to notice and remember you. Once they’re in the door, your outstanding service will bring them back!

Yes, Your Custom Metal Sign Can Stand Out Amidst The Competition

Take one industry that’s not doing as well as advertising right now – real estate. Not only are homes not selling, there are a ton of real estate companies out there. Sign companies do a lot of business with real estate agents, as they need multiple metal signs for their business. We can tell you the custom sign designs for just about every real estate business in the area! And they all are pretty good. Think for yourself – name three real estate companies and visualize their custom metal signs. You probably imagined them before you even thought of their names!

Even with the vast number of real estate companies out there, each company has a unique custom metal sign that represents their company alone. From bright blue signs with white lettering, to black and gold, to red, white and blue custom metal signs, the colors these companies have chosen for their custom metal signs definitely stand out. Not only are their colors instantly recognizable, but they have graphics that make them one-of-a-kind as well. Hot air balloons. A giant rock. A letter ‘C’. These have all become iconic images associated with the metal signs of certain real estate companies.

These tricks of good advertising aren’t limited to the national companies, either. A local real estate company has made its mark with its distinguished custom real estate sign. The sign, featuring an aqua colored graphic of the shape of our state, South Carolina, combined with text in the same color on a white background, has successfully set itself apart from many others in the field. First of all, the state graphic lets clients and potential clients know that the business is local – which is important to a lot of people. Secondly, the aqua color of the imaging invites an association with the water – also relevant, since this company is on the coast. So even though this company’s metal sign isn’t as recognizable nationally as the others may be, it gets a lot of local attention, which is the goal of the business owners.

So even if you’re worried that your custom metal sign will get lost among all of the others, if you design a strong sign, it will still get you noticed. And then the hard part of keeping your business is up to you!

Use Your Custom Metal Signs In Multiple Places For More Name Recognition

Let’s stay with the example of real estate agents. Are the custom metal signs you see for real estate companies only shown in people’s front yards? Speaking for myself, I know that I see real estate signs everywhere – from metal signs in yards to magnetic car signs to business cards and collared shirts, their images are almost impossible to ignore. So once you design your custom metal sign, don’t limit its exposure to the buying public! Invest in a full marketing campaign and display your metal sign wherever you anticipate high traffic, and soon your metal sign will be as memorable as the local real estate company’s.

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