Custom Neon Signs Get You Noticed!

19th of October 2009 0

Custom Neon Signs Get You Noticed!

As a business owner, you have many decisions to make about your business every day. One major decision is what kind of signage you want to use to advertise your business location. You have a virtually unlimited amount of options when it comes to your business’s signage, usually restricted only by your imagination and local regulations.

Some options you have include: custom neon signs, electronic message boards, window stickers and other various letter boards.

Which are right for your business ultimately depends on many variables. Two such considerations are the location of your business and the rules which govern what you can and cannot do with signage.

Your local city or county government may have laws about the signs you can and cannot use for your area; you may have an agreement with your land owner if you are leasing your business space.

For example, some business parks require that only certain forms from certain companies, may be used. Other business parks and strip-malls have no such regulations. Before purchasing, be sure to check with your city, county, and property-owner. The last thing you want to do is to design and buy a great custom sign that you cannot use!

For the glass doors and windows of your business, you will likely want to use window stickers with your logo and business name. These are fairly inexpensive and lend professional accreditation to your business.

Once applied, these window stickers will last for years and keep their professional appearance. By choosing a good font and size you can make your doors and windows stand out above the crowd.

If you are trying to attract people into your store front from a local highway, or other busy area, a custom neon sign or electronic message board may be just what you are looking for.

With neon and electronic message boards, the colors and movement cause people’s eyes to naturally gravitate towards them. This will make sure that people notice your establishment and help to convince them to come in.

By using an electronic message board, you can show people passing by what your store has to offer them. You can have your message board display your sales and discounted items. These messages can be changed daily to reflect your most up-to-date product offers.

No matter what your business sells, good quality signage will help you to have a professional appearance to your customers. By using an experienced custom sign shop, you can be assured that your signs will be of good quality, and uniquely designed just for your business.

Whether you prefer neon signs or the newest electronic message boards, you can make your business stand out and get noticed.

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