Custom Vinyl Lettering Has Widespread Uses

5th of May 2010 0

Custom Vinyl Lettering Has Widespread Uses

Professional looking signs for businesses show up in many more places than just across the front of a building.  Clear vinyl with lettering printed upon it looks great on store fronts, entry doors and windows.  Custom vinyl lettering looks like you hired a professional sign painter to hand paint the glass front on your store, yet it is a fraction of the cost, and lasts longer too.

An online software program, Sign Magic, can give you hands-on designing  options and ideas so that you can make your sign just the way you want.  Printed on a custom-designed sheet of vinyl in its entirety, it is easy to apply without having letters go crooked or be off-centered.  The application kit makes applying the sign a snap without bubbles or wrinkles.  It can look like a professional did it, yet you did it yourself. Guaranteed goof-proof!

Custom vinyl lettering has a variety of uses for advertising on vehicles, naming boats, or as graphic decorations on cars, motorcycles, or any solid surface.  The size and shape of objects varies — such as the difference between custom vinyl lettering on the side of a semi trailer versus the size needed on the door of a pickup.  This is taken into account during the designing process, so when you get your new vinyl sign, it fits correctly.

If you think you may need to change the custom vinyl lettering or it is to be placed in a temporary location (such as on a vehicle), you might consider magnetic signs.  Designed to withstand speed, weather, and even car washes, magnetic signs are custom made for the size of vehicle you have.

The widespread use of custom vinyl lettering can keep your company’s name visible and will increase your business’ potential.

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