decline in the number of Obama stickers and yard signs?

12th of May 2010 8

decline in the number of Obama stickers and yard signs?

It seems that up until the Rev. Wright scandal, I saw an Obama sticker on lots of cars, and many yard signs. But I have been looking and have seen only one in the last week. Did the scandal emabrass people? I know it turned me off completely. What do you think?
I drive over 800 miles a week at my job.

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  1. Rachel 10:44 pm 12/05 of 2010

    I think you may be looking for things that aren’t there.

  2. Forest Parker 11:35 pm 12/05 of 2010

    If this information about Wright, along with the videos, had come out earlier in this campaign, I doubt that Obama would have won anywhere NEAR the number of votes he has gotten now.

  3. Cutevotes2008 11:52 pm 12/05 of 2010

    Maybe you aren’t traveling as much, do to the rise in gas prices.

    I still see plenty of them.

  4. Megan 11:53 pm 12/05 of 2010

    I wouldn’t trust Obama

  5. sweetine v1.03 11:54 pm 12/05 of 2010

    Forty million dollars in donations last month says differently.

  6. yellow_tofu 12:36 am 13/05 of 2010

    I think people are finnally getting to know the true Obama and not the Hype about him. I’m not saying its good or bad, but more and more people are seeing that he is a very inexperienced politician.

    I still think he is going to win the Dem. ticket though.

    I like Mccain out of the three candidated.

  7. improofofgod 1:33 am 13/05 of 2010

    I think anyone who would be swayed by what some “maniac reverend” said, is probably just reconfirming their own pre-existing racism. Anyone with an open mind who is intelligent knows enough to evaluate a candidate based on the merits of what “they” say or do, not on what their so-called reverend may have said!

  8. David S 1:49 am 13/05 of 2010

    Reverand Wright is not a Rev. at all but a Muslim Imam(Muslim Preatcher) who is the Imam of one of the most raceist Muslim Mosques in the U.S.that attempts too hide the fact by calling itself a church. It used too be that you could go to this so called churches website at and see that despite Obama’s claims too be the candidate who would uninte the races for change, His so called church did not admitt Whites or Hispanics and openly stated that they favored Africans over Americans. But when I have attempted too go too this site lately I found that it had been totally changed. It now lists only activities that are available too it’s members. This does not change the fact that Obama is a liar and a raceist who only wants too use the Presidency too create one world Government that will give his African Muslim Brothers the same amount of asy in world affairs as the U.S. You used too be able too see this on his so called churches website but that has changed since Obama is getting closer too being our next President. I swear too you on our nation that this is true. Please believe me and do not vote for Obama’s raceist ****.


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