Design Your Own Magnetic Sign

5th of March 2010 0

Design Your Own Magnetic Sign

A sure-fire method of promoting your business through advertising is by advertising on vehicles using Magnetic Signs.

Advertising your business on a vehicle is an extremely effective way to promote your business, as your advertisement can reach a very wide range and amount of potential clients, at a fraction of the cost of more conventional advertising. Aside from the small cost of the production of the sign, your company can gain a great deal of what is essentially free advertising, depending on the area and how much the vehicle is used. In addition these benefits, magnetic signs are also highly practical, being easily removal when not in use.

The best way to ensure that your company’s magnetic sign achieves the purpose it is intended for, gets peoples attention and conveys the correct image for your company is to design the sign yourself. Having a customised magnetic sign as supposed to simply a generic template gives a business a professional edge and more accurate portrays the information that is the business wishes to convey about their services. Hastily done or formulaic pre-rendered designs most often will fail to accurately represent a business, and will often look cheap and poorly thought out.

The common perception of designing a magnetic sign would suggest that it is quite a time-consuming and costly endeavour. However, using Sign Right’s Online Sign Designer, within a matter of minutes you can design a dynamic, cost-effective and eye-catching magnetic sign that is completely appropriate to your business.

Using the Online Sign Designer gives you a staggering amount of options to ensure you create the perfect sign, giving you as much control as possible. Using the online designer you can select choose from a wide range of colours for each part of your sign, insert shapes, text, clip art and images and save your designs if you decide to purchase more than one. We even provide a wide variety of different sizes, ranging from 50mm X 50mm to 1200mm X 600mm, and everything in between.

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