El wire - Why El Wire is better than Neon Lights

14th of May 2010 3

Why El Wire is better than Neon Lights

EL Wire is one of the best new forms of light because it is non toxic, uses less energy, glows brighter and is more versatile than many other lighting sources.

Neon Lights use harmful chemicals both to the environment, and to us. If the neon sign breaks, chemicals can leak out of its casing, which can be a hazardous scenario. Both Argon and Mercury are common chemicals found in Neon Lighting and neither elements are healthy to be near.

Neon Lights use about 10 times as much electricity as EL Wire, yet doesn’t glow nearly as bright. Neon glows very hot, just like a standard 100W Light bulb whereas EL Wire always stays cool to the touch, which allows it to be used for a variety of uses. You can wear it, use it in common household applications, or dress up your car.

Once you purchase a neon sign, it has one purpose. You cannot change a neon sign once it is complete, nor can you add, subtract, or modify it. EL Wire is able to be modified in nearly any way imaginable, yet much cheaper than anything comparable. ¬†EL Wire can be bent into nearly any shape as it can even be bent into 90 angles, which is unheard of in typical lighting units. You can have one color, or multiple colors, and can even be put on unique sequencers or have various lighting effects. You can get the light to dance with music, animate it to emulate motion, or just have it glow bright all night… All at a fraction of the cost of neon lights.

EL Wire is starting to pop up all over the place including night clubs, window signs and billboards. Its reasons are evident and we will start to see it much more over the coming years.

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3 great comment(s) for this post

  1. Kalyan Raj Shrestha 9:44 am 8/06 of 2010

    Hello sir, i’m thinking of starting a new business here in nepal, and i want to do a sign business, so i’m here lil confused and with least knowledge about all this. so i’m actually seeking an advice and suggestions from u sir about everything that needs to done to start a sign business.
    ur reply will be highly appriciated sir.
    Thank you.

  2. Brenda 7:46 am 22/07 of 2010

    I don’t think that argon is a dangerous gas to be near. It is a noble gas and highly nonreactive. However i am excited about the possibilities and cost saving abilities of EL wire.

  3. Just.n.illusion 5:32 pm 1/03 of 2010

    I started my company with EL wire…..problem became lifespan.
    Now I mostly work with LEDs. EL-wire lifespan is not so good for any permanent installation. But its GREAT for quick, cheap, party favor or temporary sign. (I made one for the Seattle University Gala a few years back. They loved it.) Also the sun destroys the EL-wire very quickly, so best if you keep it out of direct sunlight.especially when its on …..and there is my 2 cents.


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