Fire Safety Signs and What You Need to Know

20th of December 2009 0

Fire Safety Signs and What You Need to Know

If you are the individual or part of a committee that is dedicated to employee safety, you’ll find that one thing that you have to consider is taking a look at what safety signs that you need to keep a round. It seems that humans are, in general, forgetful creatures, and that having the right signs around can help you stay on top of the situation and that it can also help you figure out what you need to do in order to keep everyone safe and mindful of safe behaviour.

The first thing to keep in mind is that safety signs are by and large warnings of an environmental nature. Think about the type of business that you work in. What are you going to expect when it comes to hazards? The hazards that you might expect at a library are different from the ones that you might expect if you work in a company that deals with chemicals, for instance. When you are looking at the signs that you need, you’ll find that you might need to think about industry specific signs that will address the special needs of your company.

Remember also that signs are something of a last resort. Whenever possible, you should take steps to make sure that the risk itself doesn’t exist, but remember that this is not always possible. Though some hazards can be changed by working with controls or by changing working practices, you’ll find that there are some risks are inherent in the environment but still should be addressed. When you are looking to decide what should get a sign, think of some of the following.

First remember that you should address things that people might do in an area, like running or smoking. Is that activity going to impair their safety in some way if done in that area? If it is, put up a sign Youll also want to warn people of the presence of dangerous substances, and if you work in an industrial area, youll also find that you should look into warning them about moving industrial vehicles. Remember that some signs should serve as reminders are they wearing their protective gear?

Also, keep in mind that you will need to think about signs that tell people about important locations, like fire exits or first aid kits. Remember that the signs that you choose should be high contrast with the rest of the area, and that you should keep in mind that in the event of an emergency, they should be as eye catching as possible.

Remember that when you are looking to ensure the safety of your employees that there are plenty of things that you can do, and that by making sure that there are plenty of safety signs around that this can be an important first step.

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