Gun Control Activist Yard Sign – Attention Criminals

12th of January 2010 25

Gun Control Activist Yard Sign – Attention Criminals

If you’re a gun control supporter, then here’s a suggested sign to put in your front yard if you feel that strongly about infringing on America’s Second Amendment.

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25 great comment(s) for this post

  1. H3Vtux 12:59 pm 14/01 of 2010

    House burglary is different than a mugging, i own a gun and my house was robbed because the person was clearly desperate for money, whether he needed food, drugs, or his son was dying. The fact is that these commercials piss off anti gun activists, what we need to do is make commercials that try to convert anti gun activists not make them more angry at gun owners.

    Like use facts such as: Most criminals use guns attained by illegal means, so illegalizing them wouldnt solve anything.

  2. gunmunky812 5:05 am 15/01 of 2010

    LOL tell that to everyone who has been robbed, raped, or even killed because criminals are scared to go to jail. WHAT A JOKE!

  3. H3Vtux 9:29 am 18/01 of 2010

    the thing that keeps criminals from robbing places is not having guns in your house, its the fact that if they get caught their ass is in jail for a good 10 years.

  4. brad8taylor 1:22 am 20/01 of 2010

    this was a good vid makes alot of since.

  5. ARTONY92 7:37 am 20/01 of 2010

    no apologies needed… it’s my pleasure!

  6. evilEKegg 10:32 pm 20/01 of 2010

    Oh werd, the way your last comment looks, it seems as if you are refering to guns not being effective. I went and read further back and it makes sense now, my appologies.

  7. ARTONY92 6:17 am 21/01 of 2010

    that’s exactly my point. i was trying to say that alarm systems do nothing to stop an intruder. guns on the other hand, are very efficient when stopping an intruder.

  8. evilEKegg 7:47 am 24/01 of 2010

    LOL what about when my retired ass is sitting on the computer and you walk in and get a few 7.62mmx51mm rounds poped in your ass? Did they train you at the academy for the 12guage I have next to my fridge? or the .45ACP in my coutch? how about the 357 Sig next to my crapper?

  9. superjump01 3:12 pm 25/01 of 2010

    HAHA (Knee Slap)! Hey Can I honk your nose? Also how do they fit so many of you into those tiny circus cars?

  10. tyronebumblebee 11:51 am 28/01 of 2010

    Not as much as your “communicatiion by flapping my anal sphincter” classes. Since your grey matter is massed in that region = less distance for elecrical signal to travel too.

  11. superjump01 3:37 pm 29/01 of 2010

    Speaking of school I have been wanting to ask you, How much is your clown college tuition a year?

  12. tyronebumblebee 10:25 pm 1/02 of 2010

    Kudos to your mommy too. Were you home, errr.. I mean trailer schooled?

  13. superjump01 1:41 am 5/02 of 2010

    Oh how cute, did your mommy help you spell those big words? You get a gold star!

  14. tyronebumblebee 9:53 am 6/02 of 2010

    Wow, so infantile. What next? tis so, tis not, tis so, tis not? 26 years old? Really sad. Unless of course your 4 year old nephew has been posting comments under your username

  15. superjump01 1:20 pm 7/02 of 2010

    so that makes your IQ about 30 then. =P

  16. tyronebumblebee 1:51 am 8/02 of 2010

    Thankyou. Exactly my point

  17. superjump01 5:14 pm 9/02 of 2010

    “Only allow those who score higher than 60 on an IQ test” 60 is considered Low even for the Mentally retarded you dumbass.

  18. ARTONY92 6:30 am 12/02 of 2010

    doesn’t stop burglars either. I could go into a house in the midday (time people are usually away) that’s empty and steal well over about $300.00 and be out in five minutes. Just go to the master bedroom where the jewelry is. I’ve had security training at an academy, that’s how i know

  19. disturbedone5009 6:19 pm 13/02 of 2010

    Yeah that is true but the majority of crime is robbery.

  20. ARTONY92 7:01 am 14/02 of 2010

    no violent criminal is deterred by an alarm, thieves maybe, but violent criminals who would rape your wife and murder your children (god forbid) doesn’t give two shits about an alarm

  21. disturbedone5009 9:28 pm 16/02 of 2010

    I have 6 sitting across the room from me right now.

    My point is that a criminal wants the easiest target possible. Having an alarm will make it that much harder for them. They will move on to another house that most likely doesn’t have an alarm.

  22. ARTONY92 3:59 am 19/02 of 2010

    an alarm wont stop a rapist, murderer, child abductors, and vandals…. what “majority of criminals” are you talking about?! Stop living in the lala land of Brinks alarm commercials. help won’t arrive at the snap of your fingers and criminals know that. God helps those who helps themselves, so buy a gun…

  23. tyronebumblebee 10:40 am 22/02 of 2010

    Want gun control. Only allow those who score higher than 60 on an IQ test to own a gun. Right wing hillbilly riff raff will be disarmed forever

  24. GlennRoxWyo 6:17 pm 22/02 of 2010


  25. GlennRoxWyo 10:31 pm 22/02 of 2010

    “just as many”? Based on what evidence?


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