Hackers Hack Traffic Sign Displaying “Nazi Zombies, Run”

5th of December 2009 23

Hackers Hack Traffic Sign Displaying “Nazi Zombies, Run”

Funny news story how hackers managed to hack a electronic traffic sign, putting in “Nazi Zombies, Run”

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23 great comment(s) for this post

  1. mountianboarder09 8:32 pm 8/12 of 2009

    its not serious fuck off that s auwsome rock on

  2. NoukonGlobal 6:42 pm 11/12 of 2009


    Me and my friend saw one while we were driving.

    It said Road work Monday-Wednesday.

    Then Flashed to “Minors Drinking Stay Away”

  3. darthvader815 8:22 am 14/12 of 2009

    someone give me a browning

  4. NecroharmoNikki 11:07 am 16/12 of 2009

    it should’ve said “Fuck Bush”

  5. 009blakester 4:14 am 18/12 of 2009

    WE NEED JUGERNOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. austinboy101 12:49 pm 19/12 of 2009

    i saw one of the signs personnaly and i almost pissed myself in the funniness of it

  7. Kamakize789 10:13 pm 21/12 of 2009

    If I was the Hacker I would have said “Turn back Nazi Zombies have taken Der Riese!! Get the Wunderwaffes!!!” LoL

  8. hurdl3thed34d 12:39 pm 24/12 of 2009

    racism? At what point did you fucking imply that?

  9. ILOVEGAMES9988 2:24 pm 25/12 of 2009

    lol not just win EPIC WIN and also that has got to be the greatest sign ever i want one

  10. deadlymassacre1 9:26 pm 27/12 of 2009


  11. Askeladden92 8:50 am 30/12 of 2009

    That hacker is a fu**ing genius!!

  12. wheresmitchell 6:28 pm 31/12 of 2009

    get ray gun or wunderwaffe then up-grade them!

  13. leeperiskwl 12:34 am 3/01 of 2009

    ………..get the monkey bombs

  14. Spazztaztic09 12:14 am 5/01 of 2009

    that was really funny but why cant people just take a joke geez

  15. XxUN12EALxX 12:31 pm 5/01 of 2009

    Lol someone is obsessed with cod waw =P

  16. Jamoo117SGI 6:13 pm 8/01 of 2009

    holy crap guys nazi zombies! get the Wunderwaffes!!!

  17. TheVidwatcher900 2:28 pm 10/01 of 2009

    lol the people on the news totaly thought it was like racism but every 1 watching this (i would hope) knows there idiots that are obbsessed with codwaw and nazi zombies game mode.I think this is really funny though whether or not it “makes danger for other people” lolz

  18. Vilasiiiii 11:11 am 11/01 of 2009

    You could tell that the Asian girl thought it was hilarious until they told her the “dangers” of it.

  19. lackjackcool 10:14 pm 12/01 of 2009

    i think because they made a big deal because they dont want us to find the truth of what really happen

  20. Jord838 8:39 am 14/01 of 2009

    why do people panic about saftey when a little bit of fun enters they lives these days…

  21. CanadienCarnage 11:42 pm 16/01 of 2009

    Ahh come on man get a sense of humor.

  22. greviousdoesnotrock 2:38 am 20/01 of 2009

    call of duty

  23. killthenerd5 11:15 am 21/01 of 2009

    no 1 has a sense of hummer now a days


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