Hacking the highway traffic signs – subtitled

11th of February 2010 20

Hacking the highway traffic signs – subtitled

After hacking the train station, let’s see what we can do with the highway signs. Subtitled!

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20 great comment(s) for this post

  1. sondreda98 3:23 pm 12/02 of 2010

    Thats fucking nice!!

    Make more hacking videos!! ;)

  2. Blinkyboy4U 3:15 am 16/02 of 2010

    Wow! Impressive! But I’m sure that you work in company witch have a access to thees programs (in Government maybee?) or know some man ho do this!

  3. wjasharjah998 11:32 pm 20/02 of 2010

    Could you tell me how did you do that?
    Well, I actualy will not hack a traffic sign because the city that I live here in Brazil doesn’t have an electronic one. So I want to know just for Knowlledge

  4. faysalbest1 6:16 am 23/02 of 2010

    now i know what does MAX IS KONING MEANS ! thanks to all ! lol 3 responds already :D

  5. littleboyrobert1997 5:25 pm 25/02 of 2010

    max is king

  6. KleineNico 6:28 am 3/03 of 2010

    Max is king

  7. mef444 10:36 am 3/03 of 2010

    great ! :-D Intelligent Transport System :-D

  8. david21395 12:54 am 8/03 of 2010

    el amo^^ 5/5

  9. psvloverke 7:55 am 11/03 of 2010

    Volgens mij is het nep, hij is ooit bij Jenssen geweest en zei dat het nep was, heeft het ook uitgelegd :)

  10. kimpieee 8:37 pm 13/03 of 2010

    max is king

  11. faysalbest1 2:10 am 16/03 of 2010

    hey this video is awesome! i loved it ! btw what does MAX IS KONING MEANS >>???

  12. Hobsrulz 9:24 am 18/03 of 2010

    thank you :)

  13. Hobsrulz 2:50 pm 20/03 of 2010

    you can see the black box over the zero wen it changes from 50 to 5 and no traffic sign has that many pixels so that he could put a picture of him and c it clearly

  14. Shonny0570 8:27 pm 21/03 of 2010

    max is dit nou echt of nep???

  15. jancilalo 1:54 am 22/03 of 2010

    how can i do that tell me

  16. RicardoGangster1 3:16 am 24/03 of 2010

    That film is made by Holland!!

  17. shmuck50 8:44 am 28/03 of 2010


  18. tigerlegobear 11:24 pm 29/03 of 2010

    Well i just wanted to say that this video rocks. I also wanted to ask u how u got the traffic control center on ur computer ?Message me when u get this !!! Plz

  19. Hewkll 5:06 pm 1/04 of 2010

    @Hobsrulz lol

  20. Thunderrrrrrrr 8:39 am 3/04 of 2010

    Fuck off assholw , the kind of hacking in this video is harmless and funny , you’re kind of hacking is just low , people work on their accounts in those MMORPGS for years and you’re just trying to steal them .
    GTFO !

    btw. 5/5


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