Mccain campaign signs stolen 2010 -2008 - Has the other party stolen your McCain or Obama yard signs yet?

30th of April 2010 27

Has the other party stolen your McCain or Obama yard signs yet?

Last week my neighbors Obama signs were stolen. He didn’t even notice it until I brought it to his attention. Last night, my McCain signs were stolen. I found them down the road in a ditch and they are now back in my yard.

I don’t care which side you are on, it is wrong to steal the other party’s signs or damage them in any way. What has this election come to when we can’t have our freedom to hang political signs?

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  1. Heat miser 9:27 pm 30/04 of 2010


  2. Martin B 9:40 pm 30/04 of 2010

    yes, someone stole all the obama signs on my street last night, funny you asked, they’ll all be back up by next week – with counter-measures.

  3. jimmy_cathey_1030 10:22 pm 30/04 of 2010

    amen to that..but there will be those who are radicals who don’t care on both sides.

  4. MINDY 10:33 pm 30/04 of 2010

    I have my Obama sign in my window on the inside !
    Yes, it is wrong to take someone elses signs

  5. catcher 11:06 pm 30/04 of 2010

    no mine has not yet but it is a crime to steal them

  6. Nate 12:06 am 1/05 of 2010

    2 times…. fuktards.

  7. Derek 12:17 am 1/05 of 2010

    I don’t have any signs in my yard.

  8. Fred 12:51 am 1/05 of 2010

    Bush came along an stolen my whole yard!

  9. Jug 1:44 am 1/05 of 2010

    No they’re still there in the yard,you speak of freedom,,that’s gone if obama is elected

  10. ♨ Ix Chel △ 1:52 am 1/05 of 2010

    Put both in your yard, and then maybe they’ll crack heads when they meet up.

  11. mo in the middle 2:28 am 1/05 of 2010

    Where I live, if you put an Obama sign on your lawn, they’ll vandalize your house.

    I’m all for Obama, but I’m not stupid. I’ll show my support at the polls.

  12. Sean99 3:12 am 1/05 of 2010

    Same thing is happening here in New Zealand.The partys are campaining and people are stealing the billboards.I think theyve resorted to putting in infra-red camera systems to see whats going on.

  13. Littlhrse 3:42 am 1/05 of 2010

    I don’t resort to such childish and pathetic means.

  14. i’m bored 4:15 am 1/05 of 2010

    I have an Obama sign in my yard to keep his crazy supporters off my door step and driveway. I’ts about the only thing it’s good for. And to answer your question nobody has stolen it.

  15. Christy the Factory Worker 4:40 am 1/05 of 2010

    No, but I donated my own Obama sign to a friend because hers was stolen.

  16. Vote Early 4:53 am 1/05 of 2010

    The Obama signs have been slashed in my area. Someone is just coming through and cutting them up with a knife.

    I agree though, it’s horrible for both sides. Some of us wish to peacefully support the candidate of our choice. I would be just as upset if McCain signs were being damaged/stolen.

  17. Joe R 5:23 am 1/05 of 2010

    Yes – My McCain Signs Twice.

  18. Warren T 5:24 am 1/05 of 2010

    Some people have no regard for personal property rights. Someone invading someone elses yard to take something that doesn’t belong to them. That is just wrong regardless of whom you support.

  19. ladyamulet2 6:15 am 1/05 of 2010

    No but some wacko from Texas came here to Pittsburgh and lied and said a Big Black man mugged her and fondled her because she had a Mc Cain sticker! The B**** finally fessed up that it was all a hoax after police found a lot of inconsistencies in her story.

    Not to mention that the so called “black eye” looks like cheap mascara!

    Some people arte just plain sad!

  20. asp2write 7:12 am 1/05 of 2010

    No, but I was more worried about putting my McCain sign in the yard because of vandalism, more then anyone stealing it, I live right near a Walmart, and we know most Obama supporters shop there, no offense, I shop there too.

    But I do have a sticker on the car, and no ones broken my windows yet!!

  21. Da Diva #9~~Steeler Nation 8:00 am 1/05 of 2010

    I think it’s pitiful when someone can come into your yard and steal your property, regardless of political affiliation. It’s a criminal act and those that commit it should be prosecuted.

    There’s a gentleman here in my area who had his Obama sign taken and replaced with a confederate flag. There was another lady who had her McCain sign stolen right in front of her eyes.

    Sad commentary, I tell you.

  22. hi-c 8:21 am 1/05 of 2010

    there are extremists on both sides of republican and democrat parties

  23. city girl 9:14 am 1/05 of 2010

    I dont have any signs in my yard.

    *********VOTE 4 OBAMA!!!!!!*************

  24. mocha5isfree 9:56 am 1/05 of 2010

    Yeah. We had a McCain sign stolen from our yard. I’ve heard it’s happening with Obama signs too. How childish for people to act this way on both sides.

  25. imlovinit21 10:53 am 1/05 of 2010

    Atleast they are JUST stealing them. Here in my town if your anywhere near the government housing area if its not Obama they just BURN it in your yard.

  26. rfn41 11:31 am 1/05 of 2010

    mine still here….

  27. candace b 12:08 pm 1/05 of 2010

    I’m from Pittsburgh too and yes I was shocked that someone would go so far as to lie about an attack for a politician its like get a life hun. But yes around here people have been complaining about others stealing signs or vandalizing them, I think our freedoms our what make this country so great, I may not be a McCain supporter but I respect my neighbors right to support McCain and show her support by putting his sign in her yard I want that same right so what type of person would I be if I denied her it as well.


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