Ho scale neon signs - HO Scale Neon Sign by Lightworks USA

1st of January 2010 24

HO Scale Neon Sign by Lightworks USA

This would be a great addition to any HO scale layout big or small. Mine cost around $30 and adds a lot of depth to the layout. I highly reccomend these signs to people, they look fantastic! Hats off to Lightworks USA for making such a fine product. It really shows how far model railroading has come along in the past 15 years.

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24 great comment(s) for this post

  1. MikeDelic14 11:53 am 2/01 of 2010

    Thanks, Jack! It’s a great thing to ask for for christmas ;)

  2. thetrainman407 1:09 am 4/01 of 2010

    Thats Sweet Mike! if i wasnt more pressed for Cash, i would get one too! Sweet sign :D

  3. MikeDelic14 7:58 pm 4/01 of 2010

    lol, my dad works at a sign company and he’s gonna get one and put it in his office! :D

  4. MikeDelic14 9:47 pm 5/01 of 2010

    I will, when I have some time lol

  5. jfrydom 9:07 pm 8/01 of 2010

    yeah i saw these on factory direct, but didn’t get them becasuse I didn’t have any buildings to put them on!

  6. railfanfromiantha 5:36 pm 11/01 of 2010

    Well, you could make a vid showing the new rolling stock and some operating.

  7. MikeDelic14 6:13 pm 14/01 of 2010

    You bet! I dont know when i’ll make one, nothing has changed to the layout, except i got some new rolling stock lol

  8. railfanfromiantha 4:02 am 17/01 of 2010

    That is one bad ass sign. When is the layout update coming?

  9. MikeDelic14 4:41 pm 18/01 of 2010

    Thanks, and no problem! And not bad at all!

  10. mrtimskater 7:43 pm 20/01 of 2010

    Wow! Very cool! Seriously not a bad deal for $30! Thanks for uploading!

  11. MikeDelic14 12:43 am 22/01 of 2010

    hell yeah!!!

  12. MikeDelic14 12:56 am 25/01 of 2010

    oh yeah theyre sweet!

  13. MikeDelic14 11:43 am 26/01 of 2010

    thanks, dave, not bad for $30.

  14. MikeDelic14 1:56 am 27/01 of 2010

    thanks! I love it!

  15. MikeDelic14 1:43 pm 27/01 of 2010

    thanks, its awesome!

  16. MikeDelic14 5:22 pm 1/02 of 2010

    YAYA.. if we meet up in toronto for that show, i’ll show u where to get one :P

  17. MikeDelic14 11:34 pm 4/02 of 2010

    Thanks, and no problem, anytime.

  18. MikeDelic14 10:25 am 6/02 of 2010

    lol yeah man

  19. MikeDelic14 5:46 pm 7/02 of 2010

    thanks, yeah those are sweet! I want to see one in person though.

  20. larry84988 3:45 pm 9/02 of 2010

    thats f***ing bad ass :)

  21. stillfreefilms 6:01 pm 10/02 of 2010

    i want to get one.

  22. RailFanDavid 8:32 pm 10/02 of 2010

    that a cool sign.i wanna get one.

  23. ibiubuok 7:19 am 14/02 of 2010

    Wow–that’s a really nice addition to your railroad. It’s awesome! Easy to understand video too–good sales job!

  24. trainOholic 10:29 pm 15/02 of 2010

    nice man i have never seen them before man 5*****


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