Home Security Yard Sign. Convincing A Potential Burglar That Your House Is Protected.

8th of January 2010 1

Home Security Yard Sign. Convincing A Potential Burglar That Your House Is Protected.

A security system offers the the best protection against burglary and vandalism. When a potential burglar or vandalizing teenagers know you have a security system, they often pass over your home or business and move on to another. A security yard sign alerts a burglar or ne’er-do-well that you have a security system. Or, if a security system isn’t in your budget or you don’t want to deal with the installation process, a security yard sign placed in your front yard makes potential intruders believe you do.

How Does a Security Yard Sign Work?

Convincing a potential burglar or neighborhood hoodlum that your house or business is protected with a security system or video surveillance can stave off an impending burglary or vandalism to your property. Whether or not you actually have a security system, one glimpse of a security yard sign often scares a thief away. Why would he break into or damage your home or business when there is a more vulnerable house or business down the street?

Where Should You Place Your Security Yard Sign?

Effectively scare away anyone wanting to harm you or your property with a strategically placed and clearly visible security yard sign. The key to the effectiveness of a security yard sign depends on the placement. The following areas are ideal for a security yard sign: All exterior doors, Curb next to driveway, Flower beds and Garage door.

Homes and businesses that can be broken into or vandalized without interruption are a much safer bet for criminals. Advertising the presence of a security system or security cameras makes them believe your home or business isn’t a good target.

Inform potential criminals that they are being watch or recorded or that the police will be alerted if they try to burglarize or vandalize your home or business. Choose a security yard sign from the many different types, brands, and sizes.

In addition to placing a security yard sign on your property, you can implement other low-cost home security items, such as dummy cameras and alarm decals.

A home security yard sign is an inexpensive alternative to protect your home.

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  1. Mr. Decal 6:06 pm 8/01 of 2010

    The yard security sign is the best advertisement for the home owner, because the sign communicates to a potential burglar that this house is protected. Since most criminals are opportunistic and will gravitate to the path of lest resistance. These home thieves’s will not attempt a B&E because of the security devices in situ in a home. Most burglars’ do not want to be caught they will move on to a home that does not have a security system.

    Doug Bryant
    The Decal Factory – The best decals, signs, labels, posters, stickers and banners in the industry for business and hobby. Toll Free – (800) 369-5331


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