House Sign: Where to Buy

15th of May 2010 0

House Sign: Where to Buy

So you have decided that you want to purchase a new house sign – every loved home should have one.  But where do you purchase one from and what do you look out for?

House Sign

Personally I would avoid any main street chain stores I just don’t think you get the quality that you can from independent sign makers.  Retail stores may be able to offer a reduced price but you forsake individuality and craftsmanship that you would get from a local sign maker.

Try a local signs maker

I would try and source a sign locally and possible get a recommendation from someone you know.  Firstly shop around on the internet so that you know what a reasonable price will be and also think about what you would like your sign to look like.  Once you have decided this phone around some of your local sign makers and ask for quotes.  Make sure you find out which materials will be used as this obviously affects the cost.  It would definitely be worth visiting the sign maker and actually seeing the signs in real life.  Then you get a real idea of what you are purchasing.  That is the downside to buying anything offline you never fully get the idea of what you are getting until it arrives and then it is too late for changes.

Visit and talk to your local signs maker

Actually visiting and talking to an experienced sign maker may be helpful as they may be able to steer you in the right direction.  They will be able to give you advice on what will look good and work well as well as show you examples of previous house signs.  This may seem a lot of bother to go to for a house sign but if you wanted just a run of the mill sign you would just pop down to your nearest retail store.  The fact that you have chosen to have your house sign hand crafted shows that you do care so you may as well make sure it is done right and get what you want.

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