House Sign for a House Name

18th of January 2010 0

House Sign for a House Name

Why do we give are homes names?  This is probably not something you have thought about but it is quite intriguing isn’t it? 

Many years ago rich people began naming their home’s, they used their ancestry, location and family titles to name their lodges, halls, castles and manors.  Gradually people over the years began to give names to their homes too.  As rules governing house signs

house signs have become more relaxed house signs have become more popular.  Normally throughout the UK houses can be named without notifying the local authority providing the house number is used in the address line.

Street Numbering

The Street Numbering act was passed by parliament in 1765.  Every house is numbered in city or town followed by the name of the road it is in.  The numbering begins with the first house in the road being number one and the last house being the number of houses there are in the street.

The most common themes used for house names in Britain

Today house names are inspired by an amazing array of sources: everything from location to local history to legends and literature.


Birds and Animals

Favourite House Signs include Badgers Cottage, Cuckoo Cottage, Dolphin Cottage, Fox Hollow, Kestrels, Magpies, Mole End, Nightingale Cottage, Robin Hill, Rockery Nook, Squirrels Leap, Swallow Barn, The Jays and Two Hoots.



Favourite House Names include:

The Orchard, Orchard House, Oaklands, Treetops, Woodlands, The laurels, The Hollies, The Beeches, The Firs, The Willows and Yew Tree Cottage.


Flowers and Plants

Favourite House Names include:

Primrose Cottage, Honeysuckle Cottage, Rose Cottage and Lillac Cottage.


Location and Views

Favourite House Signs include:

Hillcrest, Sunnyside, Hillside, Woodside, Fairview and Meadow View.


Old Favourites and Fairy Tales

Favourite House Names include:

The Little House, Pippins, The Nutshell, Thimble Cottage, Whispers, The Nest and Wishing Well Cottage.


Beauty Spots and Holidays

Favourite House Signs include:

Kynance, Tresco, Larmona, Windermere, Ambleside, Eskdale, Blencathra, Rydal and Tarn Barn.



Favourite House Names include:

The Old School House, The Old Rectory, The Grange, The Granary,  The Old Post Office,  Mill House and The Coach House.

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