House Signs Which Size and Shape

28th of November 2009 0

House Signs Which Size and Shape

The size of house sign you choose should really depend on the property it will be placed on.  If for example you have a modern new build two bedroom semi-dethatched house then a huge sign would look ridiculous.  A small well made house sign would be much more pleasing to the eye.  It should be taken into consideration the age of the property, a very new property may look out of place with a traditional sign, and similarly an old property would stand out with a modern house sign. 

 There are a variety of shapes and sizes of sign available to the purchaser.  Oval, rectangular and curved rectangular are the most popular.  Oval house signs look good with a house number, house name and picture on them.  Rectangular signs suit just writing and curved rectangular signs look best with a house name and picture on them.  A boarder is always an option but can easily make the sign look overdone so if in doubt just leave out a boarder.

  I have carried out a little research into the variety of sizes of sign available and you can pretty much get any size you could want if you are prepared to look around.  I found Ceramic signs average sizes available from 16cm in diameter to 30cm x 24cm.  Slate signs I found were around 59cm x 20cm and cast metal signs from 40.6cm x 28cm to 56cm x 38.6cm.  The cast metal signs were also available in very small sizes for those who just have room for their numbers.  So when choosing your house sign first of all think about the size of the front of your house because you want your sign to look in proportion.  It may be an idea to compare the house signs in your street, see which ones you prefer.  You will be able to identify which size looks best and decide which one is for you.

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