How can I remove permanent marker from a metal sign?

28th of February 2010 16

How can I remove permanent marker from a metal sign?

Somebody wrote graffiti using a Sharpie or similar marker. It’s on an aluminum sign.

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  1. missyofallainhouse 4:22 am 28/02 of 2010

    Go get yourself some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They come two in a box and are around $2. I swear, they can remove just about anything.

  2. joey h 5:01 am 28/02 of 2010

    try thinners or some kind of spirits, even nail varnish remover.

  3. knightanais 5:04 am 28/02 of 2010

    rubbing alcohol it is what you us to remove all sharpie or that stuff for that removes nail polish.

  4. Juleette 5:15 am 28/02 of 2010

    Mr Clean magic erasers will do the trick

  5. Rea 6:06 am 28/02 of 2010

    Try a bleach stick.

  6. Kdid49 6:59 am 28/02 of 2010

    Cigarette lighter fluid may help, or lightly scrub with Brillow pad.

  7. Sonoffun1 7:53 am 28/02 of 2010

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, it’s like a magician in a sponge!

  8. luvmysoldier 8:44 am 28/02 of 2010


  9. underagethinking2010 8:58 am 28/02 of 2010

    Put some cleaning alchohol on a washrag, and scrub the marker. It should come off then.

  10. Cheddarcheese 9:02 am 28/02 of 2010

    Try Comet, vinegar, or rubbing alcohol. Not all together, I mean seperately lol.

  11. LeighAnn D 9:17 am 28/02 of 2010

    Try a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

  12. greatestmomntheworld 9:25 am 28/02 of 2010

    hairspray works wonders on permanent marker

  13. Dane W 9:48 am 28/02 of 2010

    car polish

  14. Billy T 10:15 am 28/02 of 2010

    graffiti remover. sorta like goo gone but for this purpose

  15. Urban Hygiene Ltd 10:40 am 1/03 of 2010

    Graffiti removal wipes are widely available and are the ideal way to shift stubborn graffiti from signs. Go for something mild and safe like our “easy-off safe graffiti removal wipes” so you don’t damage the sign or the environment. Best regards, Mark J

  16. melony 10:45 pm 28/09 of 2010



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