How do I get a record company to sign my band?

11th of March 2010 2

How do I get a record company to sign my band?

How do I get a record company to sign my band?

Okay, My band will be getting our first Cd out in spring, but how the hell do we get signed by either :Decay Dance,Fueled By Ramen,Fearless Records,Victory, Or Nitro Records,or HollyWood Records. So explain to me : How can I contact the record companies, and have them sign with my band, i sent ALL of them messages explaining all of this, please help!

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  1. Reducto 3:06 am 11/03 of 2010

    Send them copies of your CD through the mail along with a letter giving a brief bio of your band and its members and hope for the best. Also send out copies of your CD to as many radio stations as you can find. If by chance someone working at a station hears something they like they might start playing it on the air and someone might pick it up from there.
    There are so many bands trying to get a record deal of course-but all you can do is just keep trying. Keep trying to get the right person in the right place to hear your songs.

  2. Punk. 3:07 am 11/03 of 2010

    Most record companies will not open packages sent in the mail if not sent by an agent or management who comes in contact.


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