How to tie dye a peace sign - How do i tie-dye a peace sign design?

8th of March 2010 2

How do i tie-dye a peace sign design?

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  1. Puppy Zwolle 4:54 am 8/03 of 2010

    You have a good question. There are a few options to combine a planned design with a random painting methode.

    Most simple method is batik:
    (simple is an understatement but it is the closest you will get to a original hippie look)

    #1 You ‘paint’ your peace sign with hot wax on your cloth.
    #2 Then you do a simple tie dye. N
    #3 Wash. You now have your design on your shirt
    #4 Tie-dye again with lighter and/or contrasting. The design will stick out as long as you don’t overdo it.
    Keep it simple. It will be complex enough with two dye baths and the design

    Also you can do the batik design OVER the first tie dye switching #1 and #2. In that case you would make the last dye bath darker.

    Check out this vid for handy tips….. or at least a good idea of how it could work for you.

  2. Jay 5:22 am 8/03 of 2010

    Lay out the material flat and use some thin masking tape, but first draw the circle with a pencil very light so you can hardly see it on the material. and take the masking tape an start to make the circle with the tape by forming it to the drawn circle on the material. Once the circle is done then do the strait piece’s and make sure the tape is sticking on there really good then turn over to the other side of material and do the same thing on that side try and follow the design from the front on top of it you should be able to feel the tape under neath then when you are finished soak it by hand in the dye making sure that the tape does not come off. Once it is dyed let it dry before removing the tape and that should give you the peace sign you wanted. Good luck with it.


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