Neon sign turns off - How do you make your Neon Sign Transformer stay on if it has fault detection?

1st of May 2010 2

How do you make your Neon Sign Transformer stay on if it has fault detection?

What must I do to the circuitry to keep it on full time?

It turns off if it doesn’t have arcing current flow (or on a neon sign)

**5.5kV- 27mA- 20,000Hz

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  1. krk 10:58 pm 1/05 of 2010

    I think some insulation problem in the transformer.

  2. Bob 11:56 pm 1/05 of 2010

    If no arcing current flows then the output voltage of this electronic transformer will rise way above 5.5kV. This will cause internal arcing across the transformer windings and kill the transformer, that’s why the protection is provided, disabling it will lead to destruction of the transformer. I suggest you provide a spark gap in your circuit to keep the transformer voltage within limits, use an automobile spark plug with a wide gap, find this by trial and error.


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