How to Generate Free Website Traffic

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How to Generate Free Website Traffic

You have heard it a thousand times: “Get free traffic with our super traffic program!”. You have signed up for the program and you have worked the program but the traffic was not there or if it was there, then the traffic consisted of useless hits and not targeted website visitors. What have you done wrong? Did the program owners promise too much? Did the program not work? Did you work the program the wrong way? Stop guessing and read this article to get some answers to your questions!

Free traffic is great but worthless if you just get hits and not targeted website visitors. So whenever you are busy generating free traffic keep an eye on what the people are doing at your website. In one word: Tracking!!! This is major important for any online business and quite often overlooked by “newbies”. If you do not track your visitors, then you will not succeed on the net! So before you even think about generating traffic to your website, install a tracking script. You can get one for free from google, it is called “google analytics”.

Like you know there are many ways to get free traffic to your website. What you might not know is, that all or most of them work. They are there because they work, otherwise nobody would use them! It is just the way how you use these free traffic programs that can either result in getting hits or getting targeted visitors. In case to get real targeted visitors you need to combine several programs in a way that you convert un-targeted hits into targeted visitors. This is most important and separates the losers from the winners. There are many ways to do this and not all can be covered in this article but if you understand the basic procedure once, then you will know how to do this with many different free programs.

An Example Of Traffic Conversion:

1.) You need your very own Lead Generating Website or how they call it today: a Squeeze Page

2.) You use manual click exchanges to drive traffic to your Squeeze Page

3.) You offer a free ebook at your Squeeze Page for people who sign up for your list or newsletter

4.) You deliver the free ebook with a welcome message

5.) You deliver more free useful stuff

==> Now you can get traffic to any website you want by sending out one email.

6.) You Sign Up for free co-registration programs

7.) You install the co-registration script on your websites and get more free leads

This is one free method to get an unlimited stream of free targeted traffic. You can maximize this stream of free traffic by implementing a viral effect:

1.) You create a free ebook about the technique explained above, including your referral links of the free traffic programs

2.) You promote the free ebook on your Squeeze Page, give it away for free.

3.) You promote your free ebook through many more free ways like free directories, search engines, giveaway events and others.

4.) You will get referrals in the free traffic programs and with this more free traffic.

As said above, this is only an example, you can do this with many different free traffic programs, not just click exchanges. If you are the owner of FFA pages, or if you use safelists you can do the same. You can also implement this with article marketing and other content driven traffic methods.

Use your imagination to build these kind of strategies, try to get the most out of every hit and every visitor. Most important is that you build Squeeze Pages and your list. You can get more information on this whole topic if you follow the link below in the author box.

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