How to get a street sign off of the sign bracket?

21st of March 2010 5

How to get a street sign off of the sign bracket?

I already removed the street sign from the post, but it is still on a bracket and I cannot seem to remove it. I thought it would take just a regular ol’ alan wrench but it has this weird center piece in the middle of the bolt. Is there some kind of special wrench that I need to take off the screws out of this bracket? or any ideas on another way to remove the bracket?

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  1. creskin 5:14 pm 21/03 of 2010

    In think that what you are decribing in a security allen bolt.
    This uses a special allen wrench that has a hole in the center of the wrench. This prevents people such as yourself from removing the bolt, if you only have a standard set of tools.

    You should be able to find these specialty tools online, and at larger hardware stores that cater to the construction industry.

    You could also try to cut the head of the bolt off, but if it was made of tempered steel, it will be almost impossible to cut.

  2. adrian b 5:18 pm 21/03 of 2010

    you should look in the phone book, find a good construction/maintenance company and call them about the sign. have them remove it for you, even if you are a maintenance man yourself.

  3. Mike K 5:26 pm 21/03 of 2010

    get a old alen wrench and put it in the hole then hit the alen wrench with a hammer. ive done it before but they might be using hardened bolts now

  4. Life Is Good 6:05 pm 21/03 of 2010

    Please tell me you did not remove a STOP sign or any kind of WARNING sign.

    These are security bolts designed to prevent theft. There are two types; Allen Key and Torx. If you are removing STREET NAME sign I have a set of each that you can borrow if you leave a BIG deposit..

  5. David W 6:39 pm 21/03 of 2010

    But why did you remove the sign from the post? That was probably illegal, and could be dangerous. You could always call the local street department for advice, but I’ll bet they’d ask the same question.


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