How t o build a led sign - How to Make an LED Sign – New Years Party Hacks

21st of December 2009 14

How to Make an LED Sign – New Years Party Hacks Learn how to make a sign using a large perforated board and about 50 LEDs. Looks awesome when it’s complete, great for parties!

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  1. coolmusicadam 9:34 pm 21/12 of 2009

    Puff Daddy – Come with me

  2. ninjamonkeymonster 6:13 am 25/12 of 2009

    what site do you use to claculate the wiring/ what resisitors to use?

  3. martinisbutik 8:21 pm 27/12 of 2009

    Dug for Awesome LED technology and Led Zeppelin

  4. carlosloza73 4:19 pm 28/12 of 2009

    soy de argentina me dedico a hacer tableritos de presentacion, si necesitas que te enseƱe podemos arreglar un pago por unica vez a mi cuenta bancaria.

  5. GibranJulia 7:23 pm 30/12 of 2009

    I like LED signs…ever since i first saw them i have always wanted to build one, but i see the wiring and
    the resistors and all the parts and i see it hard to put it together…but i’m eager to learn maybe you can
    teach me through this website…i will appreaciate it a lot for your help. thank you.

  6. hijoert 6:48 pm 31/12 of 2009

    Kashmir by led zep

  7. suunnysachin 6:22 pm 3/01 of 2009

    so badly done. yuck

  8. tiprodoc 2:07 am 7/01 of 2009

    what was that song that you had playing in the background at the end?

  9. 466267 7:40 am 8/01 of 2009

    I was wondering how i could light an LED light when im charging from a 4 AA battery pack to a female usb….How would i do it so the LED lights up therefore indicating that power is going thru to the LED and the female usb?

    Thx nice sign

  10. javier7high 3:27 pm 9/01 of 2009

    radio shack? mm i think u can find em in every electronic shop. luck!

  11. 1186287 7:42 pm 9/01 of 2009

    where did you buy the LED’s man their cool where did you buy them at?????????

  12. minisignage 11:14 pm 10/01 of 2009

    nice job,there may be many facies with LED.
    If you use the strips,I think the effect myabe better?
    ennnnn,the other thing is packing,adding a good box.

  13. SIMONCING 2:46 pm 11/01 of 2009


  14. HustlingVegas 9:55 pm 12/01 of 2009

    or… buy a lite brite


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