Advertisement signs of pawnshop - How to Make Your Pawn Shop Stand Out With Custom Neon Signs

19th of October 2009 0

How to Make Your Pawn Shop Stand Out With Custom Neon Signs

What better way to have a bit of Americana in your pawn shop business by promoting your shop with a neon pawn shop sign? Pawnshops have been around for thousands of years, and some say it is even one of the oldest trades out there. The main fact that the pawn shop still remains today shows you how resilient and solid it is.

The pawn shop fills a need that other financial systems cant cover. A loan from a bank takes time to process, while a pawn shop client can get what they need in thirty minutes or less. The knowledge that people can get cash quickly are often drawn to pawnshops instead of other lending institutions. Promoting this essential business is easy with a customizable neon pawn shop sign.

Affordable, Catchy Advertising

So, once you have your pawnshop up and running, now you need to advertise your business. You can spend literally thousands of dollars on advertisements that may not even work. One of the cheaper options is to hang a pawn shop neon sign to let people know you are open and ready for their business. The positives about using these neon pawn shop signs is that they are cheaper, they do not cost much in electricity, and they are eye catching to the general public. Long-Lasting Advertising Pays for Itself

One of the reasons that they are cheaper is that they are inexpensive to operate for your business”they even last longer too. Compared to a billboard, on average, a neon sign can last up to 30 years. The billboard only lasts one, maybe two years, and they are typically three times as expensive as the neon pawn shop sign. For those that think that they will be charged an arm and a leg for electricity usage is also a fallacy as well. The neon sign uses such a small amount of energy, that it would be completely unnoticeable on your monthly electric bill.

Big Selection of Eye-Popping Colors

The reason that they are eye catching to the general public is that these signs now can come in such a wide array of colors, shapes, and designs. Some more creative designers can even create a 3-D effect or even a sculpture for your pawn shop. Before you decide, check out your local neon sign manufacturers. You can find many of these in your local yellow pages. Usually, many of these companies have years of experience and can offer different styles that would fit perfectly for your pawn shop business.

Neon Pawn Shop Sign ” Great Investment in Your Business

When you finally make the decision to open your very own pawn shop, investing some of your money in a durable, bright neon pawn shop sign is the way to go. When you first open up, money will be tight, so to save money every where you can is crucial.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars wastefully on ineffective flyers, radio or television spots, or even a local advertisement in the local paper will only do so much for your company. By having a bright, easy to read neon pawn shop sign on your storefront is in fact one of the most economical things that you can do while first starting out in business.

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