How to resolve disputes of online shopping?

19th of October 2009 0

How to resolve disputes of online shopping?

opping has become the current fashion shopping signs of consumers, more and more people will select online shopping instead of in-kind shopping. However, the emergence of any new things is not so smooth sailing. More or less, there always encounter some ups and downs. And then some disputes appear correspondingly such as inconsistent description of entities and on-line products, inconsistent quantity of procurement and receiving, flawed goods and so on. How to resolve disputes, ( makes a few immature tips for your reference in the process. Fundamentally speaking, there should be a strict tripartite institutional system to regulate behavior of the buyers, the sellers and logistics. First of all, straighten the tripartite relationship and position the respective roles. Moreover, the three parties have to interact and collaborate. Moreover, in the sale process, whether oral, written, or electronic transaction protocol, a contract is necessary. The three sides must abide by the contract. In addition, if there are problems, it is pivotal to resolve the dispute successfully rather than mutual complaints and buckpassing. The tripartite should learn to respect, understand, and be grateful to each other. More importantly, learn to resolve the problems through communication and consultation. Thirdly, collect evidence. When the problem occurs, it is important to distinguish the tripartite responsibility. Furthermore, the evidence is fundamental. How to obtain evidence? The parties can access to evidence through investigation, communication (dialogue record is the evidence) and in-kind images, delivery receipts, process check records, signature confirming record of the tripartite relationship and the testimony of witnesses etc. Besides, there are two principles to collect evidence: ensure the authenticity of the evidence and collect favorable and unfavorable evidence to restore the true colors of things. Therefore, ( considers it is necessary to perform the contract seriously, address the problem calmly, solve the problem actively and justified, speak gentle. Do not just cares about the temporary gain and lose, a good reputation is permanent.

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