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How to Widen Your Advertising Space With Window Signs

It is always a pain to see an empty store. A few persons milling about, occupying, and buying across the spacious floor is no big consolation either. If you are running the business, you know measures need to be taken to make sure that the next day there will be a better customer attendance. Elicit better attention to your store and your products using window signs.

Placing displays on windows can be an effective marketing solution. They serve both as advertisements and as invitations that promote your products and invite your clients.

Regular and special ads

• Always have ads on your windows. Invest on good signs that you intend to use for a long time. These are the ones that will be regularly seen on your windows.

• Set up ads for special promos and seasonal offerings too. It’s a good way to inform people about year-end sales, discounts, raffles and other promotional treats from your store. You can easily print pieces such as your .logos and create a new composition every time for different events, mixing and matching your window graphic designs.

• In such manner, you can print window graphic signs for sales, discounts, and promotions you regularly observe. And since you anticipate these things, you can always have windows signs to put up and use anytime.

Display materials

There is an assortment of sign materials that you can choose from. You can go for the traditional posters with lustrous sheen that projects your pictures and designs with more vibrancy. Adhesive vinyl and static clings are both flexible materials you can use as well. Both of these are made to adhere themselves on glass windows or store front windows.

• Digital printing also makes it possible to print on other materials. There is the artist canvas and the 15 mil vinyl you can hang with grommets or pole sticks.

• The advantage that synthetic materials such as vinyl and window clings have over plain paper is that they are water resistant and do not easily rip.

• They are sturdier options for outdoor window signs. Window clings are best for temporary ads like sale announcements since they are easy to remove and place back, without leaving any marks or residue that may mar your clean, sparkling windows.

Hang ‘em up

You may go for suction cups with hooks from which your signs could remain suspended. Vinyl signs sometimes come with grommets or metal eyelets. They can also be stitched so you can hang them with pole sticks. Offset posters can be customized with hole drillings so you can display them on your windows without difficulty as well.

If, however, you wish to create an announcement with impact, nothing does it than huge window clings that comes in both opaque and clear. Makes your glass a new surface you can fully utilize to advertise, without any adhesives or strings.

What not to do

A few tips, though. Do not cover the entire window nor all of the windows. Allow people to see what’s inside the store, as well as those inside to see what’s outside. In addition to that, letting the light pass through could save you bundles with the electricity bill.

Just put up enough to keep your windows from looking bare. You may post signs on alternating windows so as not to crowd the exteriors or interiors of your space.

You’ll be amazed at how window signs can help bring in more customers. When people look at the windows, they’ll see what you offer inside your store — through your full-color and glossy signs, of course.

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