I have a small bakery, and I’m looking for an online place that designs business magnetic signs. Any ideas

25th of April 2010 3

I have a small bakery, and I’m looking for an online place that designs business magnetic signs. Any ideas

We need car magnetics for the sides of our vans, but I also want to get a pair for my car and my husband’s truck for (extra advertisement).

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  1. beatricewalters67 2:17 am 25/04 of 2010

    Try this link:

    My daughter and I own a café, and we found all of these beautiful full color car magnetics at a website called Signazon.com. We were able to pick a background and change all of the words and colors with an online design program they have. The best part was, I forgot to add in our email address, and when I called in to see if I could squeeze it in somewhere, they had a designer work with me to rearrange the text and match the colors I wanted…ALL FOR FREE. I couldn’t believe that we got full color magnetic signs, free design help, and amazing customer service for under $30. Since then, I bought a vinyl banner for our Sunday Brunch from Signazon, as well as advertising yard signs for all of our family’s various houses. We have had such a surge in business, and I just love telling people about Signazon.com!

  2. djaneane 2:42 am 25/04 of 2010

    Hey, I went to Signazon.com, too!

    I totally agree with Beatrice.

    I’m a florist, and Signazon was the only place I found that had these really beautiful, interesting, full-color magnetics. The other places I found online were all like one and two color car magnets.

    Signazon does a great job on magnetic signs; that’s all there is to it. I got more business just from people coming into the store to ask where I got my signage and then falling in love with my floral designs! Try them out, Adrianne.

  3. Doug R 3:23 am 25/04 of 2010

    I’m a real estate agent and have found it better to use a local supplier! There’s more accountability and it gives you a chance to promote yourself to the local community. Take a box of goodies to leave with them along with some of your business cards.


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