Massage therapy outdoor signs - I need to design a sign for my massage therapy business?

26th of March 2010 5

I need to design a sign for my massage therapy business?

What should I include in it? The name of my business is The Bodywork Cafe.

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  1. pura_rosa 6:45 am 26/03 of 2010

    How about the siluete of a woman and/or man, something abstract, maybe a couple of exotic flowers on the side, i would go abstract and black shadows

  2. michaelkeasler 7:41 am 26/03 of 2010

    A coffe cup with somone in it

  3. elizabeth v 8:39 am 26/03 of 2010

    Do you mean a sign or a logo?

    Alogo should be clear, descriptive and in only two colours: Your background and your signature colour. Think of the best Logos you can. They are all simple, memorable and easy to draw on a napkin. Nike is a good example, but you will be able to think of others.

    The mistake most people make is to overcomplicate their logo. A good example of a bad logo can be found at the first link. It is clear that these people wanted to cram in as much as possible, and their basic message gets lost.

    Something simple doesn’t have to relate to massage. It can be abstract, or tangential. but it must be memorable.

    A sign should include the logo, the name of the business, a phone number. If appropriate a weblink and email address, too.

    The name of the business is the most important thing, and so should take up most of the space. Look at the banner of a newspaper. The name of the paper is the most prominent thing, the date, URL and everything else is small in comaprison.

    A good rule of thumb is to write the name of the business “The Bodywork Cafe” then write underneath it “ 555-678-1234”
    make the font of the second line small enough so that it starts and finishes at the same place as the bigger top line.
    Then add your logo to the left or right, to be as high as the whole thing.

    I’ve mocked it up at the link below. If you go and have a look, please be good enough to click on as many advertising links as you feel you can!

  4. Richard K 9:04 am 26/03 of 2010

    You can get some great (and may I add cheap) logos done at places like – go to the contests forum.

    Hold a contest for let’s say $20-60 bucks and explain what you want and watch all of the different types of logos that people create for you. It’s pretty cool and there’s lots of talent in there.

    Good luck!

  5. sign rhino 9:33 am 10/05 of 2010

    you can just create a simple and catchy sign which will leave an impression that last on one’s mind.


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