How to build an led sign - I want to build LED sign, where do I start?

21st of March 2010 3

I want to build LED sign, where do I start?

I am completely new at this, but I have the week off and I made a bet with this guy that I would be able to make a LED sign. Can you guys help me by telling me where do i start. and what I need. so for I only bought the LED lights.

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  1. zinc55 4:57 pm 21/03 of 2010

    Y!A is not the place for this. It takes a lot fo practice and computer code to make an LED sign. You just lost a bet, my friend.

  2. DON 5:28 pm 21/03 of 2010

    I’ll assume that you are talking about making a scrolling sign, which isn’t exactly a novice project, especially if you’re starting from scratch. The link below covers some of the basics. I’ve seen kits available in the $200 range, and ready to go signs as low as $35.


  3. Della 6:24 pm 21/03 of 2010

    What sign do you need to make?
    Most people use LED modules to make a sign.


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