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14th of November 2009 6

IBEW Neon sign maker

IBEW worker doing it right making a NEON sign

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  1. ss4435 11:07 am 14/11 of 2009

    COOL! Just bought an old neon sign today and was curious as to how they were made.
    Good job brother.

  2. kevj2 6:16 am 16/11 of 2009

    I need a vacuum system like that 0_0

  3. b2mofot 8:51 am 17/11 of 2009

    This is making me miss my old job- I was a neon bender for almost 20 yrs, been a year since I made my last sign…..

  4. noaa555 1:40 pm 17/11 of 2009

    This is a true art, Thanks for the vid :)

  5. 1992peter 9:45 pm 18/11 of 2009



    I’de give anything to make one of these for a school project.

  6. Onkarr 9:45 am 20/11 of 2009

    sweet (“,)


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