Who has the right away at a circle - If there’s no traffic signs then who has the right away in a circle?

5th of March 2010 8

If there’s no traffic signs then who has the right away in a circle?

I was driving in a circle and there was not any traffic signs. A driver drove into the circle and there not any traffic signs. I almost hit his vehicle. In a circle, who has the right away?

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  1. john m 10:39 pm 5/03 of 2010

    chuck norris always has the right of way.

  2. JetDoc 11:08 pm 5/03 of 2010

    The vehicle ALREADY IN the circle has the right-of-way over any vehicle trying to enter the circle. Even if no signs are posted, the driver attempting to enter the circle must yield to those cars already in the circle.

  3. Dan W 11:19 pm 5/03 of 2010

    Peop;e IN the circle have right of way over those entering.

  4. The Tall Cool One 11:57 pm 5/03 of 2010

    Whoever is in the circle first has the right of way unless posted otherwise.

    Be aware that the right of way is not an absolute right. If someone cuts you off you must make a reasonable attempt to avoid a crash.

    Be safe.

  5. melinuxfool 12:47 am 6/03 of 2010

    Well, in Maine, traffic in the rotary has right of way over traffic entering. Also, traffic exiting the rotary has right of way over anyone. So, if you’re in the right lane, and someone in the left lane signals to exit, you must yield to that person.

    However, in the absence of signs, I wouldn’t expect anyone to just know that, so I would say that in practice, nobody “has” the right of way, and that you should be cautious and expect that drivers are going to break the rules of the rotaries, because not every driver is familiar with them.

  6. ken k 1:27 am 6/03 of 2010

    the guy on your right

  7. Dr. Einstein 2:26 am 6/03 of 2010

    You are supposed to take turns.

  8. sweetwater 3:19 am 6/03 of 2010

    traffic in the circle has right of way, those entering has to yield whether or not the approach is signed.


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