I’m making a business sign on a piece of pine plywood, what prep should be done to ensure good results?

1st of April 2010 3

I’m making a business sign on a piece of pine plywood, what prep should be done to ensure good results?

As I mentioned, I’m fixing a business sign that’s vinyl lettering are peeling away from the plywood. Since I’m using a new sheet of pine plywood, I’d like to know what sort of preparations should be done first to ensure that it’ll stand up to the elements and time. It’s definitely a budget job so keeping expenses down is priority. The lettering will be done from stencils cut from acetate sheets and will be painted with black spray paint on a white background then finished with some sort of weather resistant clear coat. What should I use for a primer layer so that it’ll have a nice surface for spray painting? After applying a primer, I will paint black rectangles where the text will be and then lay down stencils (after drying) then paint over them with a couple layers of white. Remove stencils and hope it looks good. I’m heading out rite now to finish getting materials so any suggestions would be great! Even if it means telling me that I’m going about it all wrong! Thanx!

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  1. thejanith 1:41 am 1/04 of 2010

    One thing you’ll want to pick up is sandpaper! Be sure to give that plywood a reeeeallllllly good sanding. That, more than almost anything else, will give you a good surface to work with. Other than that, it sounds like you’re going about it the right way. Personally, I would not try to paint white over black, as I’ve never had good results with doing that. I’d say paint the white with a couple of coats, then block out where you want the letters to be and spray paint the black all around the white letters. Cut out cardboard letters to cover the white when you paint the black on it. Hold or tape them down — you know, with double-sided tape. If your white paint’s had a chance to dry, you can use tape on it. You may need to do a little touch-up, but it’ll be a whale of a lot easier than trying to paint white over black.

  2. zhalfpint 2:23 am 1/04 of 2010

    It sounds like you know what your doing.
    I’m sure your sign will look awesome.
    Have fun and good luck.

  3. ICHOOSETOTELLTHETRUTH 3:10 am 1/04 of 2010

    Exterior Primer (no kitz)

    Sherwin Williams owns most paint company’s so the warranty’s are good ..get their undercoater if you can.
    Than after about 45 minutes to an hour, sand lightly with 120 grit sand paper. (sand enough to knock the wood gain down).

    Then re-prime again and sand.
    Then put two coats of a finish coat.

    Make sure your paint is mildew residence or add M-1 additive, one tube per gallon.

    Try to use latax for your finish coat.
    (semi gloss or high gloss).


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