Internet-Enabled LED Sign(s): Alpha PPD220 vs. Alpha 7120C

11th of May 2010 1

Internet-Enabled LED Sign(s): Alpha PPD220 vs. Alpha 7120C

This is a video of the two LED signs I currently have: An Alpha PPD220 and an Alpha 7120C. These signs are interfaced to the Internet, which you can send a message to at and watch via on my site. I developed Alphabrite — — a suite in PHP, which allows an LED sign owner to get RSS feeds, local weather conditions/forecasts, stock quotes, and much more delivered to their sign automatically which simultaneously allowing feedback from the Internet through a simple form. This is currently the ONLY application out there that allows this advanced functionality in one package–and at less than 100kb! The latter sign–the 7120C–is a bit bigger than I anticipated, therefore I’m likely going to sell it; I was expecting the smaller, standard version rather than the freakin’ industrial steel-encased version. As I got it at an unbelievable price, I’m not all that bothered. It has some nice features above and beyond the PPD220–namely, colors other than red–but at 60lbs and 40″ in length, it’s much better suited for a CTA station than my office. Another idea: Take the guts out, ditch the NEMA 4-class enclosure, and fashion something a bit more compact as the case. That would actually allow me to wall-mount the unit as it’d bring the total weight down to ~15-20lbs–the case itself is ~45lbs, no kidding.

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  1. daxweb 3:44 pm 11/05 of 2010

    you ROCK!!!!!!!!


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