Introduction of Beer Neon Sign

27th of December 2009 0

Introduction of Beer Neon Sign

One way of advertising your shop is through Neon sign board. People will be attracted to visit a shop on seeing an attractive Neon sign board. Generally Neon signs are used in bars, taverns, pubs and restaurants. Some of the Hotels and entertainment venues spend more money on the visibility of neon signs so that they can catch the attention of more customers. Many customers enter a Beer shop on seeing a Beer Neon sign even if they can’t read the name of the shop properly. Neon lamp came into force during 1893 World fair. The first Neon sign was publicly displayed in a Paris expo. The first commercial use appeared in 1912. The trend of Neon sign is changing now. New types of Neon sign boards are available in the market. Since Neon sign boards have bright colors and are different in style they catch the attention of pub and bar owners, who display beer neon signs in their establishments. Beer Neon sign begins with glass tubing bent into the proper shapes. After this glass benders heat the tube so that correct shape can be created for letters or graphics. After the heating process is over, bent glass tubes are made to cool. Electrodes are attached to the tube ends with leak proof welds. Inert gas is filled through Vacuum pumps in glass tubes. In neon signs you can also fill argon, helium, xenon, or krypton.

Different colors can be formed with different gases in the neon bar signs. Mostly inert gas is used because the Beer sign will work properly even under acute voltage and temperature conditions. When Argon gas is used you get pale lavender light, but when some traces of mercury are added you get an ultraviolet color. You can get different colors when phosphorescent materials with argon and mercury gas are inserted in the tube. Pure neon gas produces bright pink red color. Animated neon signs are created by causing certain tubes to be switched on and off at strategic intervals. Argon and helium gas when combined produce a dim blue light. These factors are combined to achieve brilliance in neon color and design. Neon gas cannot kill us because it is non poisonous like some other gas. Neon is an inert gas found in the air we breathe. Inert means it is very stable and slow moving and it is not very reactive.

There are certain ways to advertise with neon by displaying your company name, company logo, services offered, products offered, decorative borders, Border Lighting, Decorative Borders, Custom open signs, Interior Borders, Business Hours etc.

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