Countrys and there symbols - Is it illegal to have a countrys symbol on a business sign?

9th of May 2010 4

Is it illegal to have a countrys symbol on a business sign?

I saw a sign with the czech lion the countrys symbol on thier sign. Isn’t that illegal?

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  1. americanfreeman 2:22 am 9/05 of 2010

    Absolutely not. Why would it?

    Freedom of expression. He could have a picture of Osama Bin Laden..(dumb but not illegal)

  2. john k 3:21 am 9/05 of 2010


  3. scottclear 3:26 am 9/05 of 2010

    Nope. Otherwise, all the St. Patrick’s stuff (especially in NYC) would have been banned. You can bet there were plenty of Irish flags in the parade and in the spectators, as well as in store fronts and on signs.

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  4. brodyburks 4:00 am 9/05 of 2010

    It’s not illegal, but there are a vareity of circumstances that could limit its use. You couldn’t use a national symbol fraudulently (such as to say that the Queen shops at a store when that is not in fact the case). Also, in the U.S. you cannot trademark any part of a logo which includes the Flag- the idea being you can’t trademark what’s not yours. That doesn’t mean you can’t USE the flag as your logo, you just can’t trademark it.


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