Is my baby licking metal a sign of some sort of deficiency?

3rd of March 2010 6

Is my baby licking metal a sign of some sort of deficiency?

My son loves licking metal. I always just thought it was a quirk, but now I am wondering if he may need more iron in his diet. He is 8-months-old and is nursed as well as eating solid foods.

(BTW, he also likes to chew on wood)
No, I don’t let my baby run wild and put dangerous things in his mouth. He tries to chew wooden furniture and lick people’s watches while they are wearing them. Not a whole lot I can do about furniture and people wearing watches, even though I try to stop him.

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  1. Diet C 11:34 pm 3/03 of 2010

    I doubt it, he probably just likes the way it feels on his tongue.
    Babies are strange and do weird things like lick metal, chew wood, and eat blankets. Your son sounds normal.

  2. cutie bug 12:08 am 4/03 of 2010

    most babies do that, i’d be more worried if he never licked anything

  3. Speed Demon 12:53 am 4/03 of 2010

    no, but it is a sign of a parental deficiency, any book/doctor would tell you babies explore their environment by putting everything in their mouths… why would you let a baby put metal or wook in their mouth?

  4. Tasha 1:27 am 4/03 of 2010

    Babies put everything in their mouth, my daughter has this stuffed monkey she loves to lick it’s little stitched on smile. Kids are weird don’t worry. And why in the world would anyone think you letting your kid lick something dangerous? I automatically assumed you were talking about barbed wire and splintering fence posts. *rolls eyes*

  5. Hez 1:32 am 4/03 of 2010

    No, I don’t think he’s got a deficiency. Like others have said, he’s just exploring his world. Babies primarily do this with their mouths. If he’s eating regularly and a good diet, then he shouldn’t have any kinds of nutritional deficiencies.

    If you’re still concerned about his diet, take him to the doctor. The doc can run a simple blood test to test for iron deficiency and it’s a matter of changing his diet or using baby vitamins to supplement.

  6. Michael 1:44 pm 25/04 of 2010

    Speed Demon is one of those jerks who thinks they know everything. The poster NEVER said she was actively giving her child metal or wood, but that her child LIKES to suck on metal or wood. It doesn’t mean she isn’t stopping her baby, just that the baby has a propensity to do that.

    You know, my wife uses these boards, and I have no idea why. There are many useful people, but you get these jerks like Speed Demon who are just such arrogant know-it-alls. Idiot.


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