Is sign vinyl recyclable?

1st of May 2010 2

Is sign vinyl recyclable?

I will be using a vinyl cutter/plotter in a class, and there is alot of extra vinyl material that most people through away when making signs. Is there a way to recycle the excess vinyl and if so where? Also, is this material toxic, I’m talking about off-gassing into the air. If you have experience with this process and material, please do reply!

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  1. postres20022000 11:36 am 1/05 of 2010

    contact a sign maker in your area and ask.

  2. designedbylauren 12:07 pm 1/05 of 2010

    I make vinyl designs from my home. I have asked this question before & sadly, the material is not recyclable. However, I always try to minimize my waste by carefully placing my designs close together when cutting & I like to use the scraps to make other designs. My son will even use small pieces of scraps to decorate things & as tape.

    It’s more of a reuse & reduce process, rather than recycle.


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