Lbp workshop - LBP Workshop Tutorial: How to make a neon sign by psn:nandakoryaaa

24th of February 2010 25

LBP Workshop Tutorial: How to make a neon sign by psn:nandakoryaaa

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  1. ZFMN 12:14 pm 24/02 of 2010

    fuck the lbp patch they always fix the glitches!!.i have a friend and they locked two of his levels!?!WTF two!!!!.somebody should stop it and keep the glitches DUDES!!. by the way i love LBP more but now i almost hate it because there are no more glitches for LBP.

  2. leoajax 12:32 pm 24/02 of 2010


  3. tompaswedenbajs 1:07 pm 24/02 of 2010

    Well… You should make the switch unvisible..

  4. Henkboom1612 2:06 pm 24/02 of 2010


  5. Joma221 2:46 pm 24/02 of 2010

    thanks 5/5 and subbed

  6. Slayerboy752 3:36 pm 24/02 of 2010


  7. 7251980 4:17 pm 24/02 of 2010

    nice video hit me up psn:parris_gunn i love lbp looking for people to play and create things!

  8. Liamusprime 5:00 pm 24/02 of 2010


  9. mattbru2 5:47 pm 24/02 of 2010

    oh woops, alredy awnserd. yup, thats how ya do it

  10. mattbru2 6:08 pm 24/02 of 2010

    you want MOVING neon lucky for you, my freind created a tutorial just for that. his name is robo-ranger. and the level is called “how to create an LCD” or something along those lines.

    it involves mag keys

  11. xKapteinKrunch 6:50 pm 24/02 of 2010


  12. supermax110 7:05 pm 24/02 of 2010

    Thank you.

  13. Nitro64819 7:44 pm 24/02 of 2010

    If you are talking about scrolling neon signs, that is a whole other beast.

    Take his basic set up and cover the entire metal strip in LEDs. Make another board (same size) and fill it with mag. switches that match up with the LEDs. Put a conveyer belt under it three times its length. Create blocks for the words you want to say spelled out with mag. triggers. Place an emitter off to one side and emitt your word blocks in a plane parrallel to the trigger board and lands on the blet moving right.

  14. supermax110 7:45 pm 24/02 of 2010

    im sorry but – i know this – im trying to find neon signs that move but nice tutorial my friend did not know how to make neon signs at all

  15. DeathsInt3rn 8:17 pm 24/02 of 2010

    ROFL. That amount of wires is next to nothing. PSN: Deaths_Intern.
    Look at my LED Counter level and try to imagine the amount of wires there.

  16. DuffyBox 8:32 pm 24/02 of 2010

    Trust me, it’s not. Ask me on PSN and I will show you my version.

  17. oldsnake333 8:54 pm 24/02 of 2010


  18. nandakoryaaa 9:43 pm 24/02 of 2010

    Yes, the Darkness level from Frida the Bride

  19. TechChed 10:30 pm 24/02 of 2010

    I can’t find the lights option in my pop-it, do you have to complete a certain level to get it?

  20. NWDarkPassionPlay 11:11 pm 24/02 of 2010

    That is good. Thanx

  21. TheTichyOne 12:05 am 25/02 of 2010

    thanks im gonna try that , its pretty awesome you got any more stuff like that?

  22. madde5555 12:08 am 25/02 of 2010

    I Gona buy LBP On monday I gona try that some time =)

  23. lokigaete 12:35 am 25/02 of 2010

    original y bakan EEEEEEEEEEEEE

  24. pboyleray 12:46 am 25/02 of 2010


  25. bloodydude84 1:35 am 25/02 of 2010

    4:13 thats a lot of wires


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