LED bUSh LIEd sign part 1 of 2

13th of May 2010 20

LED bUSh LIEd sign part 1 of 2

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  1. 000Freek 5:28 pm 13/05 of 2010

    take an old charger from something, take te voltage, calculate Led’s, buy a soldering iron, take a wooden plate, not cardboard

  2. headlightguy 6:16 pm 13/05 of 2010

    i got you bro screw the haters, if nothing else they got a quick lesson in wiring a circuit, most turds would never even try to do something out of the box , cool as hell bro , art …..keep going with it blow clouds get crazy with it

  3. efhc12 6:31 pm 13/05 of 2010

    Conectar leds en serie, es la mejor forma de excitarlos, pero conectarlos sin resistencia de carga, es pésimo… Un led no es un foco común, es un dispositivo electrónico excitado por corriente y requiere una fuente de corriente para funcionar. Saludos.

  4. skattabrainz 7:24 pm 13/05 of 2010

    sozzy dude…not you planetmonkey… 2nd half of message intended for Kbent88

  5. skattabrainz 7:53 pm 13/05 of 2010

    or is your whole argument…”keep your mouth shut, stupid..you know nothing”…I’m not convinced you know shit about it either… anyways, all I said was “bush lied…no shit”…and check the fat gut at 8:35… I’m not the dickhead who made a 20 minute video about making a crappy looking sign with L.E.D.s stating the obvious…and don’t give me shit about typing a long ass message cuz that shit took me like a minute to type… cuz i have skillz… you’re just a useless dumb fuck

  6. skattabrainz 8:11 pm 13/05 of 2010

    yeah but I know all Americans are f’ing stupid… and the electoral vote takes like years to conclude… and that the candidates campaign against each other in the same parties before the get to run for President… maybe if the candidates were elected by their own parties instead of the morons of America… then Bush might have never been in the running in the first place… and yeh it’s true i do know nothing of American politics so why don’t you enlighten me…

  7. kbent88 9:04 pm 13/05 of 2010

    you know nothing of the american electorial vote. keep your mouth shut, you stupid fucking aussie.

  8. planetmonkey123 9:16 pm 13/05 of 2010

    uhggg Fat At 8:35

  9. 1776Freedom1776 10:05 pm 13/05 of 2010

    Bush never lied you sissy

  10. skattabrainz 10:55 pm 13/05 of 2010

    I don’t think it’s not a big deal but if Americans are stupid enough to vote him in twice then they deserve to have a moron as their president and I know what you’re gonna say he rigged the election blah blah even so, still a huge percentage of Americans did vote for him. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been a close enough election for him to pull off that shit.from the get go you can tell that he’s a moron and a liar.I don’t not think it’s a big deal.I just think it’s not really very surprising

  11. redtail5 11:25 pm 13/05 of 2010

    yea but you make it soun like no big deal

  12. skattabrainz 12:13 am 14/05 of 2010

    I know fuckwit… that’s why I said “No Shit”

  13. redtail5 12:46 am 14/05 of 2010

    bush did lie so go blow yourself

  14. skattabrainz 1:18 am 14/05 of 2010

    haha nice gut at around 8:35…This thing better look good by the end… soooo long… soo boring…”bush lied” nooooo shit… a lot of effort though… for something so crap

  15. nickenthechicken 2:09 am 14/05 of 2010

    that was cool

  16. crisnumbertwo 2:15 am 14/05 of 2010

    rage is the perfect band for this

  17. madamerotten 3:06 am 14/05 of 2010

    Use current limiting resistors in series with LED groups to prevent exceeding the maximum LED current rating. Most LEDs aren’t designed for more than 50mA.

  18. roger4250 3:36 am 14/05 of 2010

    Neat i didnt get the steps at all but its still cool

  19. infoseekr 4:20 am 14/05 of 2010

    check description for links to post your pictures..

  20. infoseekr 5:18 am 14/05 of 2010

    My Original has sound all the way to the end..
    I think youtube corrupted my movie…


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