Neon lights - LED Electronic Signs Are Beginning to Replace Industrial Lights

15th of May 2010 0

LED Electronic Signs Are Beginning to Replace Industrial Lights

LED electronic signs have been replacing traditional indoor and outdoor message centers as of late. These signs require less power and have greater longevity, better viewing quality and wider viewing angles.

led signs

LED applications are also diverse, as they can be used as simple indicators as well as replacements for traditional light sources in general and in automotive lighting and signage.

Long life of a LED Sign

Due to their long service life, LED signs have been used for automotive brake lights and turn signals for some time now. But more recently, many high-end vehicles are now starting to use LEDs for entire rear light clusters. Thanks to their compact size, LED signs have allowed new text and video displays as well as new sensor types to be developed. Their high switching rates have proven to be useful in communications technology as well.

Indoor LED electronic signs have become an important vehicle for communications in all industries. The signs serve as status indicators and displays, able to notify employees or customers of real-time data and information that are immediately relevant. As a result, they can be used as message and destination displays for airports, railways, ferries and bus stations.

More demand on LEDs

On the other hand, outdoor message centers using LED technology have become more in demand recently, in order to meet notification and advertisement demands. Large-scale LED outdoor displays are used as stadium or dynamic decorative displays. Single-color outdoor LED signs are commonly employed for traffic lights and signals, emergency vehicle lighting and LED-based Christmas lights.

LEDs have also proven to be an environmentally friendly option, as they use less electrical power, and are also non-toxic. Moreover, because of their long service life, LED electronic signs have proven to be cost-effective in spite of their higher purchase price.

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